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Re-Style & Hysta - Broken Dreams 01.12.2023                Year....: 2023 01.12.2023                Length..: 04:58
       Rls.type: WEB                       Tracks..: 01
       Company.: Rapture Records           Size....: 11.40 MB
       Genre...: Hardcore                  Quality.: 320kbps 44.kHz
       Encoder.: LAME                               Joint Stereo


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     Track                                                      Time:

     01.Broken Dreams (Extended Mix)                            04:58
                                                         TOTAL: 04:58

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Comments ( 19 )

Every Hysta release is auto 1 star as she pays €€€ for ghost producers to make all her music. Never made a single track herself.



When looking into this on Buma, she is credited as writer.


Ghost productions often work with unknown producers selling the rights to somebody else. That person is than listed as the writer on the release and everywhere else.


What is the problem? If it's good music, why bother? The prophet also had a producer making the better tracks!


Why bother? Because people spend weeks and months making their own tracks and years learning how to produce, then women come along and pay money for ghost producers to make their music and suddenly they have thousands of pathetic fan boys telling them how amazing they are and are playing all the top events. Its a joke and absolutely pathetic. As Insaniac stated they pay for the rights to OWN the music, they can then put their name against it but they pay a lot of money for this. Every artist in Hardcore knows that all the women artists are Ghost Produced. Only one who isnt is Somniac One.


I guess Ybrid, Adamant Scream and some others aren't either, basically the more underground women I guess.


It is a fact that Hysta has a ghostproducer. However, she is committed to the scene. It is not weird that males are better in expressing our feelings into music, while women can not even translate it into words.

Another fact. It is the booking agency that is looking for someone to get ghosted because playing music is not hard with rekordbox. Adding a ghostproducer to it, filling social media with typical basic stuff that the simple minded love, and you got a headliner.

BUT i prefer this over any uptempo "producer" because that is really killing hardcore.


i don't think she's ghosted. Promo said on the oblivion show she'd been sending demos for a while and he didn't sign her until she'd developed more. she'd released on chosen few, karnage and dequinox before then. she's shown her studio and DAW on insta many times. this is typical 1gabba women=bad thinking


This is TOTAL bullshit... she's Ghosted 1000000000% sure... it's easy to put your so sayed studio on Instagram... it's just another trick... those woman are just used for money, sadly... the music world is very mean and nasty place...


Nope, i know 100% she is ghosted. she pays for all her music to be made by ghost producers and she pays big money. Ask any of the artists in Hardcore on a 1-2-1 basis and they will tell you the truth. She does not know how to even produce, anyone can show a DAW and Studio when they make thousands of Euros for each gig to keep up the lie.


DJs/producers aren't going to out someone else for being ghost-produced. Audiofreq once said he knows all the people who have ghost producers but he'll never say who they are. Outting someone as being ghost-produced will be the quickest way to never have anyone work with you again.


you cant mean it serious that she isnt ghosted xDDD she f*ck with producers to get the tracks.. who knows knows ;)


Are you just realizing how the industry is working or what ? 90% of the biggest DJs are ghost produced... Raw / hardstyle / hardcore event uptompo biggest name are ghost produce hahaha... wake up guys.
it's now part of the industry, everybody knows it, and we don't fucking care. We want good music and a show.
If you are jealous, just do the same, if you are into producing just produce and try to be at the top of those big stages and events, if you don't like just go somewhere else, if you think that's becasue she is a girl etc etc.. just do surgery!!! Because the industry is not going to change and with AI it's even going to be worst.. Ghost producing has been there since sooooo much time!


Jealousy? This shitty ghost producing industry is BAD for the scene.
These DJ are FAKE artists, who know more about posting nice reels & stories on Instagram than musical producing.
About Hysta : her ex boyfriend used to ghost produce for her. And now? Anyone can notice that her 8 tracks released in 2023 are 8 collabs, hahaha.


so we can basily see you are not artist you are only basic enjoyer and dont see reason why people hate ghost things


How to tell someone has a ghost producer? 6 months ago no one has heard of them and suddenly they have co-labs with every one who matters and they headline every event around the world.


damn im glad im not only one who see that


The latest one to be ghost produced is Miyuki Omura, recent releases on Third Movement and PRSPCT. The THRDMOV one was produced by Advanced Dealer, and is very UK hardcore techno sounding. The PRSPCT release is a lot more slower industrial, I don't know who does that one.


We don't give a fuck who is ghost produced!
We don't give a fuck to read bullshit by wannabeproducers with 0 licenses & radio edits collectors!
I remember these kind of sites was created to check complete vinyl previews and evaluate whether to purchase them or not,
and when you buy a vinyl you can read on the cover how many people worked on each single song.
There are a lot of male DJs with only the punch in the air skill and they are part of the show,
so to have also some girls on stage is very welcome, you can choose who to have a souvenir photo with.

The real point of this track is: was it necessary to release this type of bootleg?
Apparently the choice was: yes.

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