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1gabba is a site of 0day scene & nonscene/p2p releases of hardcore, hardstyle, etc

1gabba is not affiliated/concerned/connected with any of scene groups.
1gabba is not responsible for content of its pages submitted by visitors.
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1gabba does not host any files on it's server, we only index and link to content provided by other sites.


If you have bought MP3/WAV hardcore/hardstyle stuff, you can easily & anonymously share it, simply upload and send the links by this link: submit music, and we'll publish it.

Usually people can easily find 1 gabba site in google by searching simply "1gabba" or "gabba1". But sometimes people don't remember exactly name of the site and searching for "1.gabba" or "gabba 1" or "gabba.org" and even "1gabber". Anyway they should see in google's top correct website (1gabba.pw or 1gabba.org or gabba.net).

As time goes google (bing, etc) changes it's range formuls, so our 1 gabba net can be a little down from the top. But we have active account in social nets like FB, Twitter, G+. So they are always in top even when you search for "onegabba", "gabba.1", "1gabb" or "gabber1". We don't have hardstyle torrent or frenchcore torrent, but we have fresh 0day releases (uploaded to zippyshare usually).

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