Mar 2021
320 kbps
161 mb
WebHardcoreMasters Of Hardcore
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       RLS NAME   : VA - Insurrection

       RIP DATE   : 26-03-2021
       ARTiST     : VA
       TITLE      : Insurrection
       LABEL      : Masters Of Hardcore
       CAT.NUMBER : MOHCD202101
       QUALITY    : 320 kbps / 44.1 kHz / Joint Stereo
       SiZE       : 161.36MB

       GENRE      : Hardcore
       TRACKS     : 16
       SOURCE     : WEB
       URL        :


     TRACKNAME  :                                                 TiME:  

   01. Angerfist & Miss K8 - Break Of Dawn (Original Mix)            4:00
   02. DJ Mad Dog - Mean Streets (Original Mix)                      4:48
   03. Tha Playah - Stand Up (Original Mix)                          3:44
   04. Evil Activities & Korsakoff - Shadows (Original Mix)          4:42
   05. Deadly Guns - The Fear Inside (Original Mix)                  4:10
   06. Nosferatu - Play With The Rhythm (Original Mix)               3:39
   07. Re-Style - We Are Hardcore (Original Mix)                     7:33
   08. Broken Minds - Storm In The Quiet (Original Mix)              3:57
   09. D-Fence - Integrity (Original Mix)                            4:04
   10. AniMe - No Matter (Original Mix)                              4:33
   11. Furyan - The Impossible (Original Mix)                        4:10
   12. N-Vitral & MC Jeff - The Butcher (Original Mix)               2:48
   13. Never Surrender & Brutaal - Ready To Rage (Original Mix)      4:12
   14. Restrained - Rulebreaker (Original Mix)                       3:56
   15. DRS & Madsin - Lockdown (Original Mix)                        3:31
   16. Andy The Core & MBK - Crazy Things At Night (Original Mix)    3:20

       NOTES  :


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Comments ( 29 )

Shadows is 10/10


is The Fear Inside broken? the bass is completely distorted and farty, not like that of spotify


True :-(


Hardtunes the same ....


yeah this song is broken :D


MEAN STREETS 10/10 !!!!!!


Good Tracks


Mad dog is on Fire. Every release is perfect, millenum vibes everywhere. Now, he's N1 hardcore dj.


Is it just me or The Fear Inside sounds strange?


Break Of Dawn 7/10
Mean Streets 10/10
Stand Up 7/10
Shadows 10/10
The Fear Inside 4/10
Play With The Rhythm 7/10
We Are Hardcore 10/10
Storm In The Quiet 5/10
Integrity 8/10
No Matter 8/10
The Impossible 4/10
The Butcher 6/10
Ready To Rage 6/10
Rulebreaker 9/10
Lockdown 4/10
Crazy Things At Night 2/10


nice that you shared your *subjective opinion* with us.


yeah its his subjective opinion, so why are you being a twat about it. let the man rate the album.


Well why bother mentioning it at all, knowing its just his subjective experience with this release? Try to influence others? Let us do our own critical thinking. I know we are not allowed to in the world of 2021 where we are being dictated by the mainstream media & "social media influencers" etc telling us who to hate, who to love, what is wrong and what is right. Let us come to our own conclusions, don't try to force something upon us.


Lockdown has the most cringe vocals i have ever heard in hardcore music


everything else about it is great, but yeah the vocals are a bit over the top and rapey


>everything else about it is great

Thats super subjective. Ps. DRS should really invest into some mixing lessons, guy got 0 skills behind the decks.


Angerfist & Miss K8 more like Angerfist x 2


The album was bought on hardtunes, there the fear inside is broken.
this is the normal version but only a radio edit


really nice but pls reupload deadly guns, the song is bass distorted


Yeaahhh the track The Fear Inside have a distortion error!!!! :(


Few tracks are okay. Same like the last Dominator release, below average... That guns track is hilarious xD


The tracks are really good for ... these days. I listened to them as "music videos" on youtube first, and I wonder why this big industry is so deep in the ass of the panic makers. I mean, Holland at least made studies about the flu in different party settings. Did they all die? Whatever, I can't take people serious calling themselves the hardest, but doing nothing with their influence. Not even the man with the mask on xD
It's saddening.


> I wonder why this big industry is so deep in the ass of the panic makers

Because what is the industry dependant on? Funding. Who controls the money? Oh yeah, the (((panic makers))).

Now shut up and put the mask on, gentile!


It's the same reason as why we don't hear any major artists being anti-war, like "we should stop bombing middle-east" , because the same tribe that control the music (and entire entertainment industry) are in favor of bombing middle-east, because they support a certain terrorist state in that area and we are bombing it's neighbouring countries because of this same tribe. So if an artists was to speak out against it, the label would drop them and the entire mainstream media (also owned by that same tribe, by the way), and every twitter blue checkmark social justice warrior would be calling for all the streaming platforms etc to drop that artist as well.


this album is absolutely amazing, finally MOH dropping some fire like in the OLD DAYS. People of 1gabbapw must be deaf and really clueless, this release is outstanding. Not every song is good but there are more than a few bangers. Oldschool Restlye BANGER, none of that frenchcore shit, Angerfist with a banger finally like in the old days. Good stuff from Mad Dog as usually and a banger from EA and Korsakoff. Even the more wilder tune like lockdown with less melody is actually quality, yet 1gabba retards gave this a 4.8 rating LMFAO clueless kids


Fully Agree, it is a very good release (still hoping for a PROPER version soon with fixed Mean Streets track.


Fixed version is out


Thx!! xD


Sorry, i meant Deadly Guns - The Fear Inside of course

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