Nov 2020
320 kbps
177 mb
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       RLS NAME   : Dolphin - Ebbs & Flows

       RIP DATE   : 27-11-2020
       ARTiST     : Dolphin
       TITLE      : Ebbs & Flows
       LABEL      : PRSPCT Recordings
       QUALITY    : 320 kbps / 44.1 kHz / Joint Stereo
       SiZE       : 177.52MB

       GENRE      : Hardcore
       TRACKS     : 16
       SOURCE     : WEB
       URL        :


     TRACKNAME  :                                                 TiME:  

   01. Golden Linings                                                6:13
   02. Phonaesthetica                                                4:34
   03. Hollow Ground                                                 4:26
   04. Ghost Notes                                                   4:29
   05. Retrocausality                                                5:13
   06. Ebbs                                                          4:43
   07. The Extinction Of Silence                                     5:28
   08. Flows                                                         5:55
   09. Descension                                                    3:57
   10. Polyhymnia                                                    3:41
   11. The Monster                                                   3:52
   12. London                                                        4:04
   13. Proustian Rush                                                3:14
   14. The Waltzer                                                   4:27
   15. Heavy Hitter                                                  4:13
   16. Causa Sui                                                     5:20

       NOTES  :


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Comments ( 23 )

Dolphin not bad but always the same level. Dont evolve. If he can make one step upper he will be very good. But he never make this 1 step...


Album of the Year!!


The Ebbs track is amazing! Thats the level what i said this 1 steps upper :)


There is no 1 step up for these guys. Guys like Dolphin, Micron, The Producer are all at the top level, they are making music too intelligent for 90% of hardcore fans to appreciate and understand. Musically they are levels above anyone else and created a new UK hardcore sound.


sentimental hardcore! YEAH


you all are deaf


You stay in your corner and listen to Anime, Mad dog and all other sellouts ;)


AniMe and DJ Mad Dog are actually both DJ Mad Dog.


Album sucks.. just noise


Noise????? Are you sure that you have listen this album???
This is one of the best album of ever!!


any average uptempo album is way way better. that's you all need to know.


Just noise? Literally 1 of about 5 artists who actually put music behind the kick. Music like this is wasted in hardcore because 90% of people who listen are actually dumb, like very low IQ dumb who know nothing about music or music theory they just want a kickdrum for 3 mins.

The Dutch/ Italian/ French guys making music like PSY Gangnam Style

Uk guys making music like Thomas Bergersen

Go on youtube see the difference in music and views...90% of humans like dumb music, the rest appreciate quality that is 100x the level.


All of the things you mentioned are merely your own subjective opinions - not some grand universal absolute truth that we all agree upon.


no. he's totally right.


that's your subjective opinion thou


that's why u disagree with him. because you're in that 90% of human beings.


Yea right, it's about nationalities. Dummie.


I rather listen to any of the current quality uptempo / mainstream stuff than this. This is the type of stuff that tries too much to be so different than what's current out there, that it sounds fake, something that a poser would do. Kinda like some goth kid at school who dresses in black and wears lipstick and paints his nails black becasue nobody else does that in their school. Making him just look like a sad little nerdy fag.


You win! This is the most stupid comments of ever!


''Quality uptempo'', there is no such thing. It's a cheap tacky fad that will soon be dead, like all the other fads that come and go in mainstream dance music. I wont even call it hardcore. It's disposable crap made up for a joke that idiots took seriously.

Dolphin has been making tracks that actually inject some musicality for 22 years now, with production that is always on another level to most other producers out there. Hardly a ''poser''.

Even his DJ sets from the last 25 years are leagues above nearly everyone else, using tons of little known exellent tracks from multiple genres that nobody else would ever think to play.

Even amongst the people who know what they're talking about, The DJ Producer still gets more credit, when he doesn't deserve it. All technicality and no creativity imo.


Of course you would, that's because you are dumb, and listen to Britney Spears and Taylor Swift. You listen to your dumb music to make your low IQ brain feel better about yourself while stealing other peoples music off here because you prob work at Mcdonalds for $6 an hour, meanwhile the people who appreciate artists making real music will listen to this stuff. I think Rob Gee just released a new album thats more your level of intellect.


dat rob gee album fire doe


Cant we all just get along and make sweet sweet love together?

As Joe "The Pedo" Biden would say.....Cmon mannn!

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