Aug 2020
320 kbps
4 mb
WebHardcoreMasters Of Hardcore
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Angerfist - R3VOLUTION 11.08.2020                Supply..: TEAM FMC 10.08.2020                Rip.....: TEAM FMC
       Rls.type: WEB                       Year....: 2020
       Company.: Masters Of Hardcore       Length..: 02:02
       Catalog.:                           Tracks..: 1
       Genre...: Hardcore                  Size....: 4.7MB
       Encoder.: LAME3.99.5                Quality.: 320kbps 44.1kHz


                             Tracks order/list

     Track:                                                     Time:

     01. R3VOLUTION                                             02:02

                                                      TOTAL:    02:02

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Comments ( 24 )

Killa_ Angerfist_Style nobody is sicker and all these haders die .,...... Cool!!!


revolution of what? hardcore is in total involution since years! rip hardcore music


I'ma Genius, track sizes correlate with my cold penis;
so I produce edgy video with guns and my mask,
producing music is not longer my main task. Yeah.
But shit's tight, got enough fanboys to fight,
vote for aaaaaangerrrrrfiiiiist and forget about an 80 minutes tracklist.

But I like the video xD


2:02...Seriously, by the end of 2020 track lengths will be 1 minute. Is this even real. If people pay for this they are brainwashed.


Original mix is 02:45, that's still funny


If you think that's funny, i think we have very different sense of humor!! because i think it's just sad really!!


You have to be joking, mate. No fucking way? The full track is that short?


Why don't you check it by yourself? Is it so hard to visit Hardtunes?


The point wasn't to verify the claim of the track length. But to draw attention to the fact that even the original mix is less than three fucking minutes long, dummy.


by 2022 tracks will be -20 seconds and cd player start to play in reverse


Back in the days even a radio edit had around 3 to even 4 minutes. Especially, if it was electronic music. Maybe if it was mixed on a packed supermix, then you could have it at 1-2 minutes. How they want to generate tension and feelings so fast, it's not even worth the producting with such minimal dedication to a track. Even if they release a pseudo extended mix, there will be no real content.
It is going the fucking wrong way. I don't mind different mixes, but release them all and let us choose. Can't even imagine people buying this. But thanks for the ones who do it as a scene duty ^_^


Let me quote a wise man who once said here on 1gabba..:
"Edits are for premature ejaculators" / "edits are like premature ejaculation"
or something along those lines.. It's genius to come up with that. It's so truthful. It imposes shame on people who submit to settling for edits.


The part after the melody sounds like it's cut. No way this could be the full track it just doesn't sound finished.


None of this guys tracks are finished, too busy thinking about his mask and $$ to actually make anything decent. Must have the concentration of a goldfish to be only be able to make a track 2-2.30 long, you cant lay down a good idea intro, main part, breakdown, 2nd part and outro etc in that time without it sounding unfinished.


I'm pretty sure Mr Angerfist himself will piss himself from laughin reading that last comment.


or it could just be a voting campaign for the dj mag 2020.maybe angerfist is obsessed with into the top 10.the track is cool sounds like the old angerfist but with innovative kicks.I remember last year GPF produced a track with more than 1 minute to be used as a publicity material for the dj mag, maybe this can justify the 2 minutes of this track.


Or it would be just a short ass track, that's how they do it in 2020.


who's the emcee doing the vocals? it's not listed




Another way to write MC


Ah, right. Mic abusers...


That's was awful. Get rid of this Angerfist the two minute masked muppet and go to Ophidian the master of hardcore, you won't regret it


Yeah this was disappointing, not gonna lie. Main problem obviously the track length since there's not time to include too much in such short time period :/


chorus! point rest I don't care

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