Jun 2020
320 kbps
21 mb
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       RLS NAME   : Promo - Totally Lost It

       RIP DATE   : 18-06-2020
       ARTiST     : Promo
       TITLE      : Totally Lost It
       LABEL      : Promo Test
       QUALITY    : 320 kbps / 44.1 kHz / Full Stereo
       SiZE       : 21.85 MB

       GENRE      : Hardcore
       TRACKS     : 2
       SOURCE     : WEB
       URL        :


     TRACKNAME  :                                                 TiME:  

   01. Totally Lost It (Original Mix)                                4:30
   02. Totally Lost It (Synthapella)                                 4:34

       NOTES  :


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Comments ( 28 )

>LABEL : Promo Test

What kinda assfuckery is this? I guess it's no more Third Movement? What is it with these ass clowns needing to make new (sub)labels for every fuckin release these days?

I'm getting too old for this shit!!


If you'd been properly informed you'd know that even the Promo files had their own series/sublabel. Just as Promo Type and Promo Style.


Who cares? Promo is overrated, also a washed up has been.


I know that while noone gives a fuck about your opinion many indeed do about Promo for a reason, so take yours and shove it up your ass.


Promo? That you?


Promo makes hardstyle? I u told me this ten years ago, i would laugh straight into your face


Wait so it's a hardstyle track? Ok i guess then i understand why it's not on Third Movement label. I just assumed it's hardcore since its promo and it's tagged hardcore on this site.


The official music video is 01:56 length btw


Promo totally lost his path.


Yes but only after steering both N-Vitral and Dither into the wrong path


i guess you lot never did your research on the history of hardcore, ohh and apperently hardcore is only fast bpms and hard kicks so if you want that go and listen to that and stop being a fucking keyboard warrior here


I like it! sounds a bit like promofiles from the beginning


I don't know what it is but it has nothing to do with hardcore.


danny Glover, you really have no clue what you're talking about.
promo has his own sublabels since the promo files.
and this ain't hardstyle.
it's just slow melodic hardcore!


stop being racist


also yeah danny glover is the black cop from the movie series with mel gibson and also from predator 2 movie. if you disagree with black man they are automatically racist. so danny is right.


I kinda like it. Because it's different than the overpitched and distorted hyper kick assaults with just a little bit of noise on top of it, packed in 3 minute, or less. This gives me that same feeling of those promo files many years ago. At that time people hated it in the beginnning as well. Now people ask him constantly to play 'file DJ sets'.
And I don't think he is overrated, the guy did a lot to get the scene where it is now. He did this by being different, and thus hated by the mainstream MOH lovers. But this is also the beauty of music, you hate it, or love it. If you hate it, ignore it and don't play it.


Sir Rave, u deserve a applause.


Great Release! Yeah, it's hardcore kids. Don't like it? Go back whining at your tokkiecore.


hey pussies, you forgot something :D Promo is an Artist and he can do what he want, and you are only weak loosers.
thats all boys from farts


Good old Promo! Love it.
And it doesn't matter whether it's more like hardstyle or hardcore, who the hell cares...


Typical comments for an artist like Promo, you love it or hate it is simple as that, he is the only one remaining original and keeping his true spirit in hardcore, you start hearing this song and you start taking back memories from his old songs too, thats what matters, he is loyal to his own style and never changed, only the way of making music changed and he had to adapt to the new "era". This is pure hardcore and he's still the king.


That's your subjective experience and opinion; not some absolute universal truth.


Absolutely correct, maybe you love uptempo or weaker sounds and your whole vision of this music is "totally lost" nowadays ;) (theres no much options to pick up on this genre atm for sure thats why real hardcore shines among all the music without heart and soul)


This guy try to be black or something? Every track features some rap vocals from a black man?


if you would do anything more than just listen (like hearing interviews or looking at the bio) you would know that promo always uses samples from old american rap, mostly done by black peeps. Got nothing to do with your narrow kinda racist approach but more that he enjoys these kind of samples for vast reasons.


Wait.. is he wearing the same fucking jacket again on the cover?


at this point im sure its the T.E.S.T. Jacket.

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