Aug 2019
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Tha Playah - Sick And Twisted

Artist      : Tha Playah
Album       : Sick And Twisted
Year        : 2019
Genre       : Hardcore
Source      : CD
Label       : State Of Anarchy
Catalognr   : SOACD001
Tracks      : 30
Playtime    : 147:16 min
Size        : 337.73 MB
Quality     : CBR 320 kbps / 44100 Hz / Stereo
URL         :


1-01. Tha Playah With Radical Redemption - Born Killers         [04:50]
1-02. Tha Playah With Broken Minds - Erased From The Dead       [04:54]
1-03. Tha Playah With Mc Nolz - Sick And Twisted                [04:10]
1-04. Tha Playah - The Illest                                   [05:01]
1-05. Tha Playah With Never Surrender & Mc Tha Watcher - The
      Craving (Official Masters Of Hardcore Austria 2019
      Anthem)                                                   [04:19]
1-06. Tha Playah With Destructive Tendencies - Run Mf           [04:08]
1-07. Tha Playah With Ophidian - Return To Greatness            [05:53]
1-08. Tha Playah With Restrained - Let It Burn                  [04:42]
1-09. Tha Playah - Vigilance                                    [04:50]
1-10. Tha Playah With Angerfist - The Heartless                 [03:45]
1-11. Tha Playah With Furyan - Still Standing                   [04:09]
1-12. Tha Playah With Promo & Snowflake - Amplify               [07:39]
1-13. Tha Playah With Nosferatu - Night Stalking                [04:35]
1-14. Tha Playah - Be Cool                                      [03:34]
1-15. Tha Playah With Furyan & Mc Alee - Guerrilla Warfare      [04:08]

2-01. Tha Playah With Dj Mad Dog - Embrace The Fire             [04:04]
2-02. Tha Playah With Mc Alee - Smile On His Face               [03:47]
2-03. Tha Playah With Broken Minds - The Witch Project          [04:29]
2-04. Radical Redemption & D-Sturb - Ride On Our Enemies (Tha
      Playah Remix)                                             [04:27]
2-05. Tha Playah - Walking The Line (Nosferatu Remix)           [06:25]
2-06. Tha Playah - Noise In The Void                            [08:07]
2-07. Tha Playah - Journey Of Life                              [06:24]
2-08. Tha Playah With Kasparov & Zwaargewicht - Sloopkogel      [03:57]
2-09. Tha Playah With Dj Neophyte - Snitcher! (Ncrypta Remix)   [04:24]
2-10. Tha Playah With Promo & Snowflake - Down Below (Vertex
      Remix)                                                    [05:53]
2-11. Tha Playah With Dj Neophyte - Still Nr. 1 (Nosferatu
      Remix)                                                    [06:00]
2-12. Tha Playah With Never Surrender & Mc Jeff - Gunshow       [03:14]
2-13. Tha Playah With Bodyshock - Insanity                      [05:57]
2-14. Tha Playah - My Misery (N-vitral Remix)                   [05:15]
2-15. Guerrillas - Lose It                                      [04:16]

                                                             147:16 min
                                                             337.73 MB

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Comments ( 18 )

Finally the extended version, thnx!


Nice nice ! ext. versions


It ain't that lossless thou


Go, buy and share it, retard boy!


some better mirror than rg or af?



Noise In The Void, Amplify and Journey of life they are unbelievable!




Only rapidgator and alfafile? So you give tracks away for free. The artist is losing money. They accapted that. But using sites like rapid and alfa makes you guys a thief.


so you want it for free free, in 2019... i dont think this site here makes you super rich as an uploader, take into account that there is always someone checking the broken links and everything is catalogized (hey nothing special but its not made careless), and even if id make them rich... its a real robin hood thing, imagine we had to buy everything? i earn shit as a student tho love to collect material. This album for instance i bought hence my taste but seeing such comments in the commentfeed. I wouldnt say its theft, its classical piracy and im glad we got the boys on the seas! Morale isnt as easy as, ew if you earn a couple of cents per download you are a theft but otherwise youre the hero!


Piracy okay. but asking money for something that is free? sounds weird tbh.


Constant leechers and cry babies like above are the thieves who don't want to spend a single dime and are even complaining when they easily get something for free without any efforts.

The world is not your mama, retard.


If the world was your mama you would have got a better education. Getting mad on someones opinion and saying he/she is the retard haha.


vk rip= )))


it's okay, people here love transcodes.


Still the mere placebo effect of believing something is lossless gives me more dopamine release while listening than a shitty ass mp3 yo


Let It Burn, Amplify, Noise in the Void and Journey of Life are so amazing! Four memorizing tracks on one album, last time I remember such quality somewhen back in 2012 or even earlier. Didn't expected something like that, what an album!


Journey Of Life is just incredible

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