Mar 2013
320 kbps
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DNMT001 Dana_-_Restyled-(DNMT001)-Vinyl-2004-KLF (CBR 192 kbps)
DNMT001 Dana_-_Restyled-(DNMT001)-WEB-2004-HB (CBR 320 kbps)
DNMT002 Dana_-_Back_In_Time-(DNMT002)-Vinyl-2004-SQ (CBR 192 kbps)
DNMT002 Dana_-_Back_In_Time-(Web)-2004-ATRium (CBR 320 kbps)
DNMT003 Dana_-_Catch_My_Drift-(DNMT003)-Vinyl-2005-SQ (CBR 192 kbps)
DNMT003 Dana_-_Catch_My_Drift-(DNMT003)-WEB-2005-HB (CBR 320 kbps)
DNMT004 D-Block_and_S-Te-Fan_-_Fresh_New_Beat-(DNMT004)-Vinyl-2005-SQ (VBR V1)
DNMT004 D-Block_and_S-Te-Fan_-_Fresh_New_Beat-(DNMT004)-WEB-2005-HB_INT (CBR 320 kbps)
DNMT005 Dana_-_Mash-(DNMT005)-WEB-2005-HB (CBR 320 kbps)
DNMT005 Dana-Mash__Incl_Zany_Remix-(DNMT005)-Vinyl-2006-DDS (VBR V2)
DNMT006 Dana_-_Album_Sampler-(DNMT006)-WEB-2006-HB (CBR 320 kbps)
DNMT006 Dana-Album_Sampler-(DNMT006)-Vinyl-2006-DDS (VBR V2)
DNMT007 The_Playboyz_-_Mental_Breakdown-(DNMT007)-WEB-2006-HB (CBR 320 kbps)
DNMT007 The_Playboyz-Mental_Breakdown-(DNMT007)-REPACK-Promo-Vinyl-2006-PDB (ABR)
DNMT008 Dana_-_Ultrasonic-(DNMT008)-Vinyl-2006-SQ (VBR V2)
DNMT008 Dana_-_Ultrasonic-(DNMT008)-WEB-2006-HB (CBR 320 kbps)
DNMT009 Dana_-_Dont_Fake_The_Funk-(DNMT009)-WEB-2007-HB (CBR 320 kbps)
DNMT009 Dana-Dont_Fake_The_Funk_(DNMT009)-Vinyl-2007-NBD (VBR V2)

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Comments ( 14 )

Dana - Back In Time _O_
From a time when hardstyle was actually interesting, good times!


more early HS Labels


good stuff. but i have all of this


with good file dates? mine are different i dont trust them to be proper :(
please share if you want.. ty!


for reason? releases identic. and i have some files are renamed and nfo, sfv, m3u files are deleted((


I just want them proper, these have all different file dates and some .sfv have signs that they've been edited.. It's almost identical to the pack I found on gabber.od.ua


May i note without being removed ?
Which "proper" do you prefer then one defined by dictionary or the one you make up ?
Since the 1 and only "proper" according to globally spreaded dictionaries is the following in priority:
1 Human buying the release (apple),
2 Spending shitloads of seconds in order to create NFO, SFV for all other people who seem to find those things of importance for whatever reason while they and I can see it does mean jack towards the playing of a file ;)
3 Spend again shitloads of seconds to rip it in a impossible to reach extension as desired by people globally :)
4 Last not least to abuse the freedom we seem to desperate like so much while all we do is rape it in order for some kind or any kind of self profit

So will someone please tell me which proper we are talking about here ?


Adding to the comment I don't talk myself clean nor will i deny my illegal activities, I am as guilty as you and anyone else. Also i'm not pointing, blaming, judging towards you or anyone else. I am fully aware of difference between facts and fiction without being confused by my own mind whom can't create truth nor define it. As i know i can hear a bomb which i did hear yet never wasn't there ? This mindfok foks up everyone's life ;) Therefor i ask for the true defination or the made up one, in the made one only you may see what is truth where the truth i observe (things falling down not up, heartbeat) isn't truth created be me or my mind right ?


No one cares.


Thanks for an answer to a question never asked by none of the humans whom replied. But hey, at least you read the text yet you couldn't find the question within the text. I would ask the total of all my schools a refund if i where you. Since either you or your parents payed for the knowledge they should've bring over onto you, i merely conclude they didn't succeed in this to it's like buying a broken vinyl and does that seem non logical or non-carring to you ?


Man, you must be a very lonely guy...


when dennis is bitсhing around, it's fine, but when any other writes his mind, he is butthurting and very lonely guy and whatever. 1gabba commenters at their best.


personally, i like Styles´s comments much!
must say, that he´s one of few commenters here, who always made valuable notes. smart guy i think :)


Please upload Dana_-_Back_In_Time-(Web)-2004-ATRium I need Only This

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