May 2019
320 kbps
10 mb
Average: 4.3 (57 votes)

...the age of wisdom
    ...     ..      ..         ...     ..      ..            ...         
  x*8888x.:*8888: -"888:     x*8888x.:*8888: -"888:      .x888888hx    : 
 X   48888X `8888H  8888    X   48888X `8888H  8888     d88888888888hxx  
X8x.  8888X  8888X  !888>  X8x.  8888X  8888X  !888>   8" ... `"*8888%`  
X8888 X8888  88888   "*8%- X8888 X8888  88888   "*8%- !  "   ` .xnxx.    
'*888!X8888> X8888  xH8>   '*888!X8888> X8888  xH8>   X X   .H8888888%:  
  `?8 `8888  X888X X888>     `?8 `8888  X888X X888>   X 'hn8888888*"   > 
  -^  '888"  X888  8888>     -^  '888"  X888  8888>   X: `*88888%`     ! 
   dx '88~x. !88~  8888>      dx '88~x. !88~  8888>   '8h.. ``     ..x8> 
 .8888Xf.888x:!    X888X.:  .8888Xf.888x:!    X888X.:  `88888888888888f  
:""888":~"888"     `888*"  :""888":~"888"     `888*"    '%8888888888*"   
    "~'    "~        ""        "~'    "~        ""         ^"****""`     
...Moniti Meliora Sequamur presents:


________________________[ = Release Info = ]____________________________

PERFORMER--=]-: Sefa                                                 
TITLE------=]-: One Tribe (Defqon.1 2019 Anthem)                                                  
LABEL------=]-: Q-Dance                                                
CAT. NR----=]-: None                                                  
GENRE------=]-: Hardcore                                                  
TRACKCOUNT-=]-: 01                                                     
DATE-------=]-: May-16-2019                                                  
QUALITY----=]-: LAME - 320 Kbps - 44,1 Khz - Joint-Stereo
SOURCE-----=]-: WEB                                                 
LINK-------=]-: below

___________________[ = Some Words From The Crew = ]_____________________

Be secure... Ad Infinitum !

__________________________[ = Tracklist = ]_____________________________

01  Sefa - One Tribe (Defqon.1 2019 Anthem) [04:33]

Playtime : 04:33 Min
Size     : 10.4 MB

__________________________[ = Final Words = ]___________________________

                     We salute the following groups:
             -=gEm=- -=wAx=- -=1KING=- -=TSP=- -=QMI=- -=hM=-

                              In Memoriam
        -=SQ=- -=HB=- -=TGX=- -=KTMP3=- -=UKHx=- -=POW=- -=DOC=-

_____________________[ = Moniti Meliora Sequamur = ]____________________

...From The Ashes We Rise

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Comments ( 28 )

this guy is embarassing (even more) the hardcore scene. seriously wtf is this?


this kid is overhyped to death, zero talent and it shows. this anthem is a fucking joke.


what the fuck did you say? this anthem is so damn good, the fucking joke is you


why dont like sefa ?


were the thyron album & the recent malice single deleted bc it was released prematurely or is there another reason?


Awful embarrassing music. The fact this guy is so big in hardcore says a lot about the people who listen to this music. Brain dead music for brain dead people.


the fact that all of you are calling his music hardcore just shows you really don't know shit about the genres of hard dance.

stfu and enjoy this, jesus bunch of wieners


Everyone complaining just has a small penis, can't land a date, or is dating a landwhale.


All: Sefa! XP
Me: Phuture noize And Keltek :)

anonymous wrote:

All: Sefa! XP
Me: Phuture noize And Keltek :)

Wuch special, much original


can someone change the genre of this release to TOTAL CRAP please?


I don't understand some things... I saw a lot of people saying in the last Defqon.1 post on Instragram "Finally!!" "I like a lot the Sefa's part" "What a banger!" and now, I see some comments here and my face is :/.
Come on, if you don't like Frenchcore ignore this. Yes, I know that's a Defqon.1 Anthem and it must to be better, more sentimental, blah blah blah... But, I don't know, in my opinion, I like this song so much, this make me so happy and energetic!
Good job Sefa!!


It's always the same. You can totally ignore the posts on sites like this. These comments are from kids living in their parents basement and don't even know shit about music.
It's always a good laugh to come here and read some comments. lol


nice, its frenchcore but okay.


stop whining retards, this is not hardcore it's frenchcore, of course you won't like it if you're listening to hardcore only


This isn't frenchcore though that's the funny thing with you kids, you have started listening to hardcore last few years and you think this is frenchcore and you know everything. Go listen to old Micropoint, Fist of Fury, Speedy Qs, Armaguet Nad, Alcore that is the true frenchcore sound, not this cheesy happy hardcore sound the Dutch producers have turned it in to like Sefa and Dr peacock. This is an abomination of music. The same way you can like it, we can call it out for the shit music that it is.


Wow you call that noise music? Lmao. :DDD Peacock brought frenchcore out of (your moom's :DDD) basement and made it sound like actual MUSIC, not audio trash like the shit you suggested. There cant be more than 15 people in the whole world that could listen to that crap, your faggot ass included LOL. Sefa's stuff is fucking gay tho, like you :DDDDD


seriously... i'm french and i hate frenchcore but sefa's style is awsome !! Yes maybe he does tracks less good than others like ALL artists
this is not the first anthem who's not so good..


To me this style is the Happy Hardcore of these days. I'll pass, but have fun.


((( T r i b e )))


I have a feeling it's the same person making multiple comments shitting all over this track. If you don't like it, that's your prerogative. I wouldn't call it hardcore or even frenchcore, and just because a little label on a p2p site claims it falls under those genres, doesn't make it true. But who gives a fuck, I like the song regardless. If you don't, that's cool. But quit with the shitty comments and toxicity. If you're not in it for the love of the music, would you please fuck off.


Or maybe many people don't like your hero Sefa? The fact you call it a "Song" shows how little you know about hardcore. Embarrassing.


All I'm saying is fuck you ALL.

enzyme_x wrote:

All I'm saying is fuck you ALL.

Fuck you too bitch


gay anthem, what happened to the id&t and qdance, literally they have no taste.


hope this track and these comments reach 4chan.


Frenchcore kick is shiet..............:(


what frenchcore? this is some dutch happy hardcore = shiet

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