Dec 2018
320 kbps
198 mb
non scener
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Artist      : VA
Album       : FreeDome | Action 05: The Storm Of Hardcore
Year        : 2018
Genre       : Hardcore | Mainstream | Gabber
Source      : WEB
Label       : H.P.G. Detonator Label
Catalognr   : DTN 041
Tracks      : 16
Playtime    : 1:19:43
Size        : 198 / 624 Mb
Quality     : 320 kbps / Lossless
Date        : 2018-12-24
Url         :


01. Angerfist - Choices (Neox Refix 2018)
02. Eternityz - Eternity
03. Bruno - She Haunts My Thoughts (Kriminal Remix)
04. Darkpsychos - Love The Way You Lie
05. This Torsion - Unfuckable
06. Construction Of Noise - Kill Both Of Us
07. Sixthclone feat. MC Nesly - Gabber Planet Anthem (Menthalquake Remix 2018)
08. Merkurius feat. Geneviève Ouellet - Stronger (FALCHiON Remix)
09. De'Core - Amélie (Hardcore D'un Autre Été) (FreeDome Edit)
10. Armin Van Buuren - Blah Blah Blah (KRM Hardcore Edit)
11. Fant4stik - The Sentence (Merkurius Refix)
12. Darkpsychos - Teen Spirit
13. Angels Of Chaos - Only Time
14. Mokushi - War Games
15. FALCHiON - Losers Retaliation
16. This Torsion - Conflict

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Comments ( 30 )

some interesting discoveries on that. thanks


Fant4stik - The Sentence (Merkurius Refix) - Now THAT ishow you kickdrum!!!


Yeah, thats the best kickdrum ever, I'll tell Ophidian, TOA, Deathmachine and all the other guys they can stop producing, merkurius is the new king now


I suspect i spot sarcasm in your comment. Can you confirm if i'm right?


I really should start using a sarcasm sign or smth


Merkurius is very underrated ! Loves his AoF remix tears of blood


lol deathmachine.... same kick with slight variations for like 2000 tracks.... how creative! Did I say it was better than TOA or ophidian? Did i even compare them? Funny thing is most releases on here nowdays are from the new generation of terrible hardcore producers, who all fail hard with original kicks. Sorry if you know of TWO other producers who can do better. lol. "hey everyone, merkurius kicks arent as good as ophidian or TOA, so you should never listen to any of his tracks.... in fact you should only listen to TOA and ophidian and deathmachine (lol) o


Imo, best album of the year, a lot of banging kickdrums and melodies!


I don't get it i gave this a listen but i thought it was crap and now i see all yall n-words here praising this. Those pictures from the festival at the beach are hilarious. There's like 12 people there.


Thats because the comments are fake prob from the producers of this garbage, It is a shit album, if this is album of the year then its time to give up because you have no idea what good music is.


Yeah, producers definetly come on to this illegal download site to talk up theyre releases to encourage you to download for free and not pay them money. Obviously the opinions of 13 year old mainstream hardcore kiddies is so important to them, they would rather have kudos from you retards than y'know... GET PAID. You push your flawed logic on here all the time, how could you be so stupid?

"instead of producing, DJ-ing, touring etc, I spend my time talking up my releases on 1gabba" - Said NO-ONE, EVER.


yeah everyone knows the quality of a event is dictated by how many people are there..... fucking idiot. Some of the best events EVER were in small bunkers across germany with Nordcore GMBH and the speed freak playing to about 25 people.... guess they were just shit parties though


Why your drama? Wake up. This is 2018. The best hardcore music is not on MOH anymore or other big commercial labels. These compillation with more underground artists are great. Look at the Japanase producers, so much quality.


Agree, but these kids can't handle anything other than the generic modern hardcore formula.... brains can't comprehend it


to be honest. They just use the side to promote the free stuff.
Look at discogs:

Sure this release will not meet any standard. With the hole digital items, everyone can release their stuff. Mostly its just bad.


It's low quality stuff


I guess you prefer Angerfist-always-the-same-track music? Long live these smaller labels where you find original hardcore, and not just the commercial crap released everywhere. Neox, Eternityz, Merkurius, Falchion, Construction Of Noise, all these unknown names had better music on this CD than 75% of MOH since 2016.


Exactly my point of view.


Why must you peoples torment us with such shitty music.. like wtf we ever done to you to deserve this shit!!


Well not buying the music from webshops and by doing so supporting the artists financially, which can then be used to spend more time on the next song increasing it's potential. Just saying


the best remix on angerfist track evah created! +))
Change my mind!


I take it this was sarcasm.


Don't know why i even downloaded it, absolute garbage


I downloaded it simply because it was a relatively fast download from free site. Anyways, it finished downloading, i loaded up into my player and skipped through the tracks and deleted it because it didn't meet my requirements for what i consider good music.
The Angerfist Neox refix is nothing new as it's been released already ages ago, i don't get how people are praising it now when its old track.


Personnally i enjoy this compilation. I don't understand the bad comments? I listen to hardcore since 2004-2005, like a lot, and some 'underground' producers produce quality stuff, even better than huge names we always see. This CD proves it, like many others. What I see here is free bashing, but, fortunately, also some open-mind people who don't limitate their taste to huge names who sometimes produce music without any soul nor spirit.


Ass Man Frank at it again!


said label owner.


yeah lol i think you're right :)


D.E.T.O.N.A.T.O.R.4Live Pick up from the Music for you what you need !!!!!! ;)


I know these guys - and they make good music

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