Dec 2018
1130 mb
CDLosslessHardcoreNeophyte Records
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Ostinato presents:
                        Nosferatu - Approach To Midnight

Artist:                 Nosferatu
Title:                  Approach To Midnight
Label:                  Neophyte Records
Catalognumber:          NEOCD29
Genre:                  Hardcore
Trackamount:            30
Releasedate:            2018-12-21
Bitrate:                1035kbps avg
Source:                 CD

Disc 1 / 2                                                       [     ]
--------                                                         [     ]
                                                                 [     ]
1  Nosferatu - Purgatory Fires (Intro)                           [ 0:58]
2  Nosferatu - Everlasting Darkness                              [ 4:21]
3  Nosferatu & Angerfist ft. Nolz - Gates Of Oblivion            [ 4:37]
4  Nosferatu - Assassinator Style (Refckd)                       [ 5:24]
5  Nosferatu & Restrained & Amada - Look Alive                   [ 4:21]
6  Nosferatu - Relentless                                        [ 4:27]
7  Tha Playah - Walking The Line (Nosferatu Remix)               [ 6:28]
8  Nosferatu & Ophidian - Eyes Closed To The Dark                [ 7:00]
9  Nosferatu & DJ Mad Dog - Weapon Of Choice                     [ 4:45]
10 Nosferatu & Alee - Approach To Midnight                       [ 5:55]
11 Guerrillas - Lose It                                          [ 4:15]
12 Nosferatu & Repi - Sounds Of Revolution                       [ 4:02]
13 Nosferatu - Poppin' Pistols                                   [ 4:04]
14 Nosferatu & System Overload - Hating It                       [ 4:41]
15 Nosferatu - Inferno                                           [ 4:45]
                                                                 [     ]
                                                                 [     ]
Disc 2 / 2                                                       [     ]
--------                                                         [     ]
                                                                 [     ]
1  Nosferatu - The Shadow                                        [ 4:56]
2  Nosferatu & Public Enemies - Unified Demoliton (Airforce 2018 [ 5:08]
   Anthem)                                                       [     ]
3  Nosferatu & Mindustries - Last Of Your Kind                   [ 4:15]
4  Nosferatu - Battleground                                      [ 4:46]
5  Nosferatu & Never Surrender - We Run This Shit                [ 4:37]
6  Nosferatu - Sanctity Of Space: Cassini's Journey              [ 6:52]
7  Nosferatu ft. Nolz - Unification Of Inner Power (Official     [ 4:50]
   Harmony of Hardcore Anthem 2018)                              [     ]
8  Nosferatu & The Playah - Night Stalking                       [ 4:39]
9  Nosferatu & Radical Redemption - The Swirling Black Waters    [ 4:27]
10 Nosferatu & Furyan - Rise Or Drop                             [ 5:37]
11 Nosferatu & D-Fence - Turn That Thing Off                     [ 4:48]
12 Nosferatu - Kippevel                                          [ 4:42]
13 Nosferatu & Destructive Tendencies - Brain Burst              [ 4:52]
14 Nosferatu & Sefa - Killer Beat                                [ 4:48]
15 Nosferatu - The Pain                                          [ 5:07]
                                                                 [     ]
                                                                 [     ]


Playtime:                       02:24:27
Size:                           1130MB

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Comments ( 15 )

overall great album, but this one is really way different than the previous, in some places, it reminds me Angerfist productions, not sure why especially on the track: Relentless.
Collab with Sefa sucks such an amateur shit on the background of the whole grandmaster album.


Thank you good people at 1gabba for posting this. It's full tracks, it's lossless. I'm happy as Larry.
And yes, if the track has Sefa on it, you can bet your sweet ass it's going to suck.


why people always when don't like the track or album need to say shit or stuff like that, maybe someone else thinks different. U don't pay for tracks keep that in mind,
wish you all the best in 2019. Keep hardcore and respect the DJ, producers artists whatever.


And exactly in what position of power over us are you to tell us what we can or can't say?


Wow behold. You torched him. He may never recover from this.


Hey now they don't call me "El Torchito" for nothing, Yo.


Because when talking about sefa, it is not opinion, it is fact - he is SHIT. Him and dr.peasizecock have been actively turning hardcore into fast pop music for the $$$, which has only done damage to the entire scene overall. And it is a bit dissapointing that nosferatu would lower his standards to work with him just to get some hardcore-pop fans to buy this album.


Same goes for System Overload.

And 'hating it' is a fucking insult to the fans that love his music on Enzyme records.


No it is opinion. For you this is glorious groundbreaking stuff and to somebody that say listens to harder underground terror and speedcore they may roll their eyes and think what mainstream hardcore trash. For instance I don't like hardstyle (could maybe count on hand the amount of tracks I've ever enjoyed) and I choose to spend almost no time focusing on it. Maybe you should like the music you like without being so triggered by the fact that artist x did a collab with artist x, especially when its an album with 30 tracks. Some people gotta die on a hill over the most frivolous crap...


You talk about uptempo right? That is garbage.


I think Sefa tries to be frenchcore. Uptempo is cool. Frenchcore is ultimate form of faggotry


Well I was about to BUY this album.... Until I realised the version on junodownload and hardtunes has those annoying edited versions. So here I am on the filesharing site.

I get the edited versions for spotify and streaming but any paid site like juno or hardtunes should have the full versions.

Im sure some artist and Label people lurk here and I hope they see this.


edits are ok, just for a first listen, but i was about to buy the cd, this album was great in all terms to me, but that shipping price in Europe just killed me, not sure on what label/artist expect with such high-price shipping, for now, /me just perfect with a cd rip what sent me a great fella.


same thing happened here


Sefa actually sampled the zio-shill jordan peterson in a track, pathetic!

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