Nov 2018
320 kbps
191 mb
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       RLS NAME   : Dr. Peacock - Acid Bomb

       RIP DATE   : 17-11-2018
       ARTiST     : Dr. Peacock
       TITLE      : Acid Bomb
       LABEL      : Peacock Records
       CAT.NUMBER : PCR077A
       QUALITY    : 320 kbps / 44.1 kHz / Full Stereo
       SiZE       : 191.50MB

       GENRE      : Hardcore
       TRACKS     : 19
       SOURCE     : WEB
       URL        : http://play.google.com/


     TRACKNAME  :                                                 TiME:  

   01. Dr. Peacock & The Sickest Squad - Lose Your Mind (Original    4:22
   02. Dr. Peacock - Until I Win (Original Mix)                      3:45
   03. Dr. Peacock & Dope DOD - Acid Bomb (Original Mix)             3:34
   04. Dr. Peacock & Billx - Trip To Iceland (Original Mix)          5:03
   05. Dr. Peacock - Vive La Volta (Sefa Remix)                      3:20
   06. Dr. Peacock & Repix Ft. Da Mouth Of Madness - Rise & Shine    4:45
       (15 Years BKJN Anthem) (Original Mix)
   07. Dr. Peacock & Andy The Core - We Control You (Original Mix)   4:28
   08. Dr. Peacock & Paul Elstak - Hey Mambo (Original Mix)          3:45
   09. Dr. Peacock & Mr. Ivex - Forgotten Souls (Original Mix)       3:08
   10. Dr. Peacock & Ohmboy - Trip To The Wild West (The Mastery &   4:48
       Serum Remix)
   11. Dr. Peacock & Floxytek - Trip To Romania (Original Mix)       3:21
   12. Dr. Peacock & Billx - Trip To Lithuania (Original Mix)        3:45
   13. Dr. Peacock - Lost In Space (Repix Remix)                     4:54
   14. Dr. Peacock & Destructive Tendencies Ft. Da Mouth Of Madness  4:14
       - Bloodthirsty (Original Mix)
   15. Dr. Peacock & Rob Gee - Peacock Is My Trip Advisor (Original  3:18
   16. Dr. Peacock & N-Vitral - Disorder (Original Mix)              5:20
   17. Dr. Peacock - Take The Pills (Original Mix)                   5:31
   18. Dr. Peacock & Super Trash Bros - Pyramid (Original Mix)       4:01
   19. Dr. Peacock & Angernoizer - Trip To Baghdad (Original Mix)    3:37

       NOTES  :


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Comments ( 30 )

ladies and gentlemen, this is...the ultimate...dutch frenchcore...bullshit! perfect for the kids out there. rip hardcore/frenchcore


And your point is?


That Dr. Peacock and everything that has to do with frenchcore is shit. Frenchcore is not something i even consider hardcore.


cuz it's frenchcore, not hardcore.


Most faggots consider frenchcore as a subgenre of hardcore. Not me though.


Actually it IS a sub genre, no matter what a little anonymouse whines about which makes him the sad fag he's dreaming of.


:D +1


Frenchcore as nothing in common with hardcore. Actually this style is born in the french free party or rave. Just Peacock took the oportunity to commercialise it.


Shut up! you don´t know what are you talking about idiot


Kawai, this is girlycore?


When you listen to the proper Frenchcore sound from years gone by from Micropoint, Speedy Qs, Fist of Fury etc then listen to this fucking crap you realise how far hardcore has fallen. It hasnt evolved, its devolved and so have the people who listen to it. This is happy hardcore not Frenchcore. Its nothing to do with hardcore techno.


"how far hardcore has fallen" c'mon... there is so much awesome hardcore out there. You just should not listen to the mainstream hardcore shit...


Okay, I listened to the album, and for me, I did expect more. Too bad..


It's Dr. Peacock how you gonna expect anything less than shit is beyond me. He has set the bar so low because his music is shit.


I wonder why you faggot haters are even commenting on here.


Dr.Peacock, dat u mayn?


Dr.peacock is inspired by the sr.Barriga


All these haters posting ... ahahahah that's funny buy a life and get a job XD


Not bad for happy hardcore but its in the wrong section, not one track on here is hardcore techno. Pure Cheese


1Gabba comments are so much different than comments on the youtube videos.


They are prolly paid comments. Or by 12 year old cheese heads who don't know shit about fuck. If you are looking for truth you should not ever trust them.


Luckily we get expert views by you 13 years old one.


Hey 1Gabba, create a new category "Cheese" for shit like Sefa, Peacock and other cheesers.


Agree this is pure commercial shit. I have been to the first frenchcore back in the days in France and this sound like cheesee frenchcore. So please stop making this so hype and mainstream.


27 comments on this post that seems Dr.Peacock is famous at all like it or not ! :)


believe me, it's not about that. this guy along his kids crew destroyed a whole style (frenchcore). I'm glad to see some people here recognized it. 99.9% of the mankind thinks that hardcore/hardstyle/... were born in the netherlands, and even if most of the harder styles productions come from there, at least 95% of what is produced is pure ear cancer. I don't know what's the problem with the dutchies, but everything they touch turns into commercial bullshit. this is a fact. it doesn't matter if hardcore/hardstyle/techno/trance/house/... the point about this album is that people like me and of course others are sick to see him releasing everytime the same formula (random song, radium kickdrum) tracks. this is not art or like someone could say 'sampling', it's pathetic.


I agree. The whole frenchcore is ridiculous, boring, same sounding crap.


I think it's safe to assume we all agree on hating this guy the rating speaks for itself


Its like suddenly these frenchcore fakers have discovered the chord and pitch tools in their DAW and have now realised you can pitch a kickdrum in tune with the synth and think it sounds amazing. It did 20 years ago now its just old and cheese. Pretty much every track is a kickdrum over a sample of some classic music, that's it. One of the all time worst hardcore albums ever made.

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