Oct 2018
320 kbps
11 mb
WebHardcoreMinus Is More
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       RLS NAME   : Angerfist - The Desecrated (Radical Redemption Remix)

       RIP DATE   : 12-10-2018
       ARTiST     : Angerfist
       TITLE      : The Desecrated (Radical Redemption Remix)
       LABEL      : Minus Is More
       CAT.NUMBER : MINUS079
       QUALITY    : 320 kbps / 44.1 kHz / Full Stereo
       SiZE       : 11.29 MB

       GENRE      : Techno
       TRACKS     : 1
       SOURCE     : WEB
       URL        :


     TRACKNAME  :                                                 TiME:  

   01. The Desecrated (Radical Redemption Remix)                     4:42

       NOTES  :


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Comments ( 30 )

Shot as always grom RR. Incomparably weaker than original.




The original is perfect it was not necessary to remix it, especially for this result...


What did you expect? when you try and turn a hardcore track into hardstyle the end result will always be shit.


In my opinion 180bpm isn't hardstyle :|


it's 185 actually




yes this is not hardstyle...people read Radical Redemption=hardstyle


Tell that to admin, smart ass. Look at the tag.


It's simply..the tag is not correct..


Correctomundo. This isn't hardcore.


Now you can read the tag ;) thanks admin for the correction


tag says this is hardcore though and that's not the case here now is it.


I think this is a great track, got some energy espescially in the last drop. really makes you go at it.


PR012 & TSR025 please admin.


Ridicolar Redemption


Ridiculous Redemption ?


this track actually has 2 purposes - to remind you how much better angerfist used to be and how overrated and bad radical is.


You are right. Although Desecrated was already the newer shittier Angerfist at least to me who considers his best years being the mid-00s


+1 on that. Just to see Sefa at Q-Base hence we didnt give a fuck anymore and the bracket was with N-Vitral before we watched radical. It is ok, but it is always what it is, it cant even be creative. Maybe he can´t, but he has proven elsewise. He takes so many shots, hes the worst shooter in the scene to hit a fucking target. (as always, releaseing 30 tracks he will have 3-5 great ones but the rest therefore is everything from standable to abbysmal, yet so many people suck his dick because they have no defined taste and rather follow apperance and the retarded masses but i guess that is called THE GAME).


Why does it always has to come to this... "he was so much better before" ffs... stop whining and start thinking a bit. Hardcore, like every other genre of music, has to constantly evolve in order to stay alive. If it wouldn't, like if every single hardcore dj kept on going with the same sound that they had in the mid 2000's, it would become boring and repetitive. If you don't beleive me, go check out how stalled and unoriginal EDM (thanks to Tiesto and KSHMR) has become over the last 3-4 years. That's the reason why I like Angerfist even now, beacause he's still thinking and going forward whith his sound.


Well, Scooter has different sound every album too. And look how super appreciated they are.


Thoughts about the upcoming album?


Well to be honest I'm a bit disappointed that he has realeased half of the tracks that will be in it as singles a month before the album comes out... Now what's the point of buying the album? To have a stupid mixed version of the tracks that will take up too much space on my phone? I don't know man...


Stop talking shit, it's a good track. Open your fuckin mind, music nowadays can be much better than before!


That's your opinion. Not an absolute truth.


Even if I'm a big fan of Radical Redemption, I totally agree with you.


At the end of the day every track you download on here, someone has spent a considerable amount of time sitting in front of a PC making the music and you are getting it for free in seconds/minutes. I have no idea how so much complaining can go on here when everyone is stealing artists time/effort/money anyway.


Well TBH I've only downloaded his singles here because I'm gonna buy his album, and I just think it's stupid to pay twice for a song. So he will get his money at the end, I just want to be able to listen to his tracks now.


Tiesto not evolves imo, he completely change his style for something worst but who sell more lol

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