Apr 2018
320 kbps
11 mb
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...the age of wisdom
    ...     ..      ..         ...     ..      ..            ...
  x*8888x.:*8888: -"888:     x*8888x.:*8888: -"888:      .x888888hx    :
 X   48888X `8888H  8888    X   48888X `8888H  8888     d88888888888hxx
X8x.  8888X  8888X  !888>  X8x.  8888X  8888X  !888>   8" ... `"*8888%`
X8888 X8888  88888   "*8%- X8888 X8888  88888   "*8%- !  "   ` .xnxx.
'*888!X8888> X8888  xH8>   '*888!X8888> X8888  xH8>   X X   .H8888888%:
  `?8 `8888  X888X X888>     `?8 `8888  X888X X888>   X 'hn8888888*"   >
  -^  '888"  X888  8888>     -^  '888"  X888  8888>   X: `*88888%`     !
   dx '88~x. !88~  8888>      dx '88~x. !88~  8888>   '8h.. ``     ..x8>
 .8888Xf.888x:!    X888X.:  .8888Xf.888x:!    X888X.:  `88888888888888f
:""888":~"888"     `888*"  :""888":~"888"     `888*"    '%8888888888*"
    "~'    "~        ""        "~'    "~        ""         ^"****""`
...Moniti Meliora Sequamur presents:

                            Miss K8 - Temper

________________________[ = Release Info = ]____________________________

PERFORMER--=]-: Miss K8
TITLE------=]-: Temper
LABEL------=]-: Masters Of Hardcore
CAT. NR----=]-: MOHDIGI236
GENRE------=]-: Hardcore
DATE-------=]-: 04.24.2018
QUALITY----=]-: LAME - 320kbps - 44,1Khz - Joint Stereo
SOURCE-----=]-: WEB
LINK-------=]-: www.hardtunes.com

___________________[ = Some Words From The Crew = ]_____________________

Be secure... Ad Infinitum !

__________________________[ = Tracklist = ]_____________________________

01 Temper                                                        [05:09]

Playtime : 05:09 Min
Size     : 11,81 MB

__________________________[ = Final Words = ]___________________________

                     We salute the following groups:
             -=gEm=- -=wAx=- =1KING=- -=TSP=- -=QMI=- -=hM=-

                              In Memoriam
        -=SQ=- -=HB=- -=TGX=- -=KTMP3=- -=UKHx=- -=POW=- -=DOC=-

_____________________[ = Moniti Meliora Sequamur = ]____________________

...From The Ashes We Rise

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Comments ( 54 )

Poor angerfist, does not rest


Is it possible that she gets instructions how to produce that 'legit Angerfist sound' + some project files and does it on her own?
Like a non-official Vengeance product where everything sounds like actual Hardcore style and you stack it together.
These tracks aren't new territory.


no, she should have all of everything that Danny has (even skills), it's not possible (almost) that 2 diff people using same sample pack will do a track that will sound like an Angerfist, just because of skills and samples arrangement, ofc if you are The Outside Agency who works b2b in separate studios for more than 20 years you could sound the same, but as an example you can clearly hear when track is produced by Noel, and when by Frank (like in the last ep).
Pro's can give you more expanded answer, but i guess the answer will be almost the same.


actually TOA stated that they only produced like 3 tracks together in their entire career. so no wonder they sound distinct


lol if that so why they don't produce under dj hidden and eye-d seperately in the first place?


Because these are their D&B aliases. TOA is for hardcore, but yeah, they produce seperately, though they have a very homogenic style I'd say. You can say whether Frank or Noel made a track, but it always sounds like TOA


Yep,He also collaborated with nolz radical redemption and peacock, then he will make possible collaborations with n-vitral, nosferatu and noize suppressor.


Angerfist with tits!




No, the reason is, Angerfist is the 'Ghost Producer' of Miss K8 .... Angerfist and Miss K8 Marry in the Future!!!


devil protect us from this... she's just a money hole, like Anime.


I hear DJ Mad Dog makes all of Anime's tracks.


and it's not a rumor, anime like missk8 ask that she produces music their own tracks, but at the fact not, you can say whatever you want, but those things are simply hearable. please, admit that it's a hard work to produce for your own, and at the same time for someone else, but having a woman / another alias (Angerfist have 1 more beside mk8) who will spin "your" tracks is a nice thing, and you can realize some your own potential like you can make a kinda softer track which you can't make from your general name (let's say smth like this), you can experiment and so on, you can go fully rough when you want and so on, different names, different styles.


I hear ya. Do you (or anyone else who reads this) knows if Day-Mar or S'aphira make their own music? If not who produces for these ladies? What about Korsakoff?


Korsakoff tracks are done by catscan and/or Outblast I think. After outblasts retirement probably only catscan.
Day mar is probably ghosted by negative a, but not sure, same for s'aphira. I only know a few girls who do their own music: Somniac one, ybrid, Miss hysteria, atleast I think they do their own.


Also by Re-style. Catscan & Re-style are the main ghost producers for Korsakoff


yeah Korsakoff definitely produced by Catscan, i forgot about that. What about Lady Dana? Did she do her own stuff?


No idea, also for angel i dont know, I heard rumors frank from TOA helped her a lot, but I guess she also produces herself. Not anymore though


she still producing some stuff accordingly to facebook.


Angerfist will marry Angerfist!


Whoever made this track – shit as 90% new hardcore, raw kickz suck.


It's 100% Hardcore.
Actually Rawstyle had stolen kicks from Hardcore.
Actually, Raw and Uptempo had stolen basically everything from Hardcore and now people is even sayng that Hardcore is stealing elements from those 2 genres.
Like Hardstyle did in 2000 with Hardcore and Hardtrance today Raw and Uptempo are doing the same again.


It's 100% faster raw.
Rawstyle kicks are based on hardcore, that's true, but they are much differ – lack of brutal, distorted tail, another punch, they're softer overall. Until ~2016 the difference between hardcore and rawstyle at the same BPM (generally 155) was clear. I like both genres, but hardcore with those empty kicks sound powerless.


Anyway, uptempo is subgenre of hardcore and those kicks weren't raw as today.


Miss k8>>>angerfist
Anime>>>dj mad dog
Daymar>>>negative a
Lady dammage>>>????


Partyraiser >>> F. Noize
Bulletproof>>> F. Noize
Icha>>> Furyan


Korsakoff >>> Catscan indeed


Lady dammage>>>Broken Minds


Lady Dammage = Richie Gee


Is there a woman who produces hardcore independently?




Miss Hysteria, Somniac One to name a few.

Deathroar is also ghosted, by peacock himself.


Miss Enemy


Miss Enemy >> Akriv


rly? she post pics from the studio unlike K8 or aniMe


yeah ! Mandy


Wow, miss hysteria is the autentic goddess of hardcore, and somniac one the queen.


miss hysteria >>> Ruffneck


no way man :DDD


Angerfist >>= MissK8 (IYKWIM)


Leeloo from Hardcoholics is an own artist too.


I guess it's safe to say that 99% of these females in the scene are fake.




What about Angeldust?




Quitara was ghost produced by Tensor & Re-Direction, now D-Ceptor


There's really nothing wrong in this, the entire music industry is made by musicists, singers, producers, arrangers, sound designers.

All the Big hits are signed by a lot people, just give a check on Disgos how many people signed the biggest hits in pop music, dance music or even Hardcore music.


Icha >>> Tha Playah


Why so many of these producers present their music to us behind a pretty female facade?
Is this what it's all about, money? Because sex sells?


yes, it is. and it's also just another way to bring your lgbt music to the people.


I'm here to red pill the 1gabba community. I assume many of you people here are from europe. I want you to look up "Kalergi plan"


As if the idiots here arent bad enough we now have a conspiracy nut trolling too rofl


Shlomo, is that you man?


Damn, since when sexist "hardcore-conspiracy" nuts know about Somniac One and Ybrid in the first place?
Shit, I wonder how many time it will take before some "Mel Agony >>>>> Xaero" pops... look what you did maindustrial!

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