Jan 2018
320 kbps
8 mb
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...the age of wisdom
    ...     ..      ..         ...     ..      ..            ...
  x*8888x.:*8888: -"888:     x*8888x.:*8888: -"888:      .x888888hx    :
 X   48888X `8888H  8888    X   48888X `8888H  8888     d88888888888hxx
X8x.  8888X  8888X  !888>  X8x.  8888X  8888X  !888>   8" ... `"*8888%`
X8888 X8888  88888   "*8%- X8888 X8888  88888   "*8%- !  "   ` .xnxx.
'*888!X8888> X8888  xH8>   '*888!X8888> X8888  xH8>   X X   .H8888888%:
  `?8 `8888  X888X X888>     `?8 `8888  X888X X888>   X 'hn8888888*"   >
  -^  '888"  X888  8888>     -^  '888"  X888  8888>   X: `*88888%`     !
   dx '88~x. !88~  8888>      dx '88~x. !88~  8888>   '8h.. ``     ..x8>
 .8888Xf.888x:!    X888X.:  .8888Xf.888x:!    X888X.:  `88888888888888f
:""888":~"888"     `888*"  :""888":~"888"     `888*"    '%8888888888*"
    "~'    "~        ""        "~'    "~        ""         ^"****""`
...Moniti Meliora Sequamur presents:

                  Pulsatorz - Equation (Extended Mix)

________________________[ = Release Info = ]____________________________

PERFORMER--=]-: Pulsatorz
TITLE------=]-: Equation (Extended Mix)
LABEL------=]-: X-Bone
CAT. NR----=]-: XBONE215
GENRE------=]-: Techno
DATE-------=]-: 01.15.2018
QUALITY----=]-: LAME - 320kbps - 44,1Khz - Joint Stereo
SOURCE-----=]-: WEB
LINK-------=]-: play.google.com

___________________[ = Some Words From The Crew = ]_____________________

So folks, today we're celebrating our 1st Birthday and are looking
forward to the future, and feeling grateful for the past.

Thanks everyone for your support for the past year and thanks everyone
who enjoys our quality work.

Moniti Meliora Sequamur

Be secure... Ad Infinitum !

__________________________[ = Tracklist = ]_____________________________

01 Equation (Extended Mix)                                       [03:47]

Playtime : 03:47 Min
Size     : 8,67 MMB

__________________________[ = Final Words = ]___________________________

                     We salute the following groups:
             -=gEm=- -=wAx=- =1KING=- -=TSP=- -=QMI=- -=hM=-

                              In Memoriam
        -=SQ=- -=HB=- -=TGX=- -=KTMP3=- -=UKHx=- -=POW=- -=DOC=-

_____________________[ = Moniti Meliora Sequamur = ]____________________

...From The Ashes We Rise

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Comments ( 9 )

"Quality work", lol. That's not the term for ripping Google Play in year 2017, along with traditional all kind of fuckups in naming and tagging.
They stopped even bothering to release dirfixes for these careless speed-dumps.


very true. missing the good old HB, right now the only quality group is SRG.


MMS is HB.


SRG also have a few good rels.... MMS have a lot of good rels 2.....so SRG its not the ONLY quality group.....

So rationally this is not a good comment based on facts


@anonymous... it says "and thanks everyone who enjoys our quality work..." this message clearly is not for you as you don't enjoy their work... so why comment on it ? they are NOT talking to you.


Wtf, you suggest nfo message should be like: "P2P anons, I entitle you to post comments on my statement on 1gabba.net. If they're positive - thank you, if negative - fuck you" otherwise comments are not "legit"? Considering scene releases are not meant for P2P at all, this kind of nfo messages are intended for other scene groups (that probably also doesn't give a damn what someone thinks about himself) but mostly it's like self-talking, pathetic self-approving "fun".
And the comment wasn't about "enjoy" it was about MMS claiming to do a "quality work". Ripping Google Play + generating releases at 00:01 NZ time (followed by repacks, propers, dirfixes, extended mixes, incl. edits) is more like "speed work" done in some vastly scripted/unattended way.
Obviously, without MMS (or HB in its latest 2-3 years):
a) leechers would get tunes several minutes/hours later from other scene groups (what a disaster!)
b) warez scene wouldn't exist, ripping from Google Play would be be completely impossible and everyone would have to buy every tune (lol)


jeeeezzzzzz dude! maybe time for a doctor / shrink ??? watch the blood pressure .... thanks for making me smile after reading all these retarted comments ... like ... who cares & WTF is the problem ?


Ok...but what if those release groups weren't there? Would you buy your stuff? No no...let's all start crying about mistakes that people make. Yeah it shouldn't happen, but it's free. Be happy and if not...buy the tracks and share them and do a better job.

And correct me if i am wrong, but mms is formed by former members of HB.


yes, the lazy members.

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