Close 2 Death Recordings

Oct 2016
320 kbps
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C2D001 Muffler-Myth-CS2D001-Vinyl-2006-XTC (VBR V2)
C2D002 Close_2_Death-Diode_and_Kenei-C2D002-Vinyl-2007-XTC (VBR V2)
C2D003 Close_2_Death-Various_Artists-C2D003-Vinyl-2008-XTC (VBR V2)
C2D004 Close_2_Death-Future_Signal-C2D004-WEB-2008-UKDNB (CBR 320 kbps)
C2D004 Future_Signal-Kill_Switch__Existance-(C2D004DG)-WEB-2009-iTALiVE (CBR 320 kbps)
C2D005 Close_2_Death-Axiom-(C2D005)-WEB-2009-PTC (CBR 320 kbps)
C2D005 Close_2_Death-Axiom-C2D005-VINYL-2009-sour (VBR V2)
C2D006 Jade_And_Proktah-Shift_-_Monakin-2009-NBLN (CBR 320 kbps)
C2D007 Optiv & Aeph Krakpot & The Burning Shadow 2009 (CBR 320 kbps)
C2D008 VA-The_Burning_Shadow_-_Nothing_Is_Safe-(C2D008)-WEB-2011-XXW (CBR 320 kbps)
C2D009 Neonlight_And_Hackage_And_Telekinesis-Nothing_Is_Safe__Terror-(C2D009)-WEB-2012-BPM (CBR 320 kbps)
C2D010 VA Gravitational Lensing, Armored Core 2012 (CBR 320 kbps)
C2D011 Optiv_-_Krakpot_Remixes-(C2D011)-WEB-2012-YOU (CBR 320 kbps)
C2D012 Telekinesis_&_Human_Error_-_Terror__Frenzy-(C2D012)-WEB-2013 (CBR 320 kbps)
C2D013 Rusty_K_-_AC-130__The_Savage-(C2D013)-WEB-2013 (CBR 320 kbps)
C2D014 VA-Kric_And_Clinic-C2D014-WEB-2014 (CBR 320 kbps)
C2D015 VA-The_Destroyed_Kingdom_(Neonlight_Remix)_Chords_from_Woods-(C2D015)-WEB-2015 (CBR 320 kbps)

C2DMP3001 Jinmen & Tek Infektion Stand Clear, Bloodbath 2006 (CBR 192 kbps)
C2DMP3002 VA Noise, Atlas 2006 (CBR 320 kbps)
C2DMP3003 VA Anasthesia, Go 2 Heaven [320] (CBR 320 kbps)
C2DMP3004 Vortex Involute & Stumblebum No Confess-Falling Fast (CBR 320 kbps)
C2DMP3005 Diode, Magi Power Junkie 2008 (CBR 320 kbps)
C2DMP3006 Zeal & Litta & Cause & Effect Tremors 2008 (CBR 320 kbps)
C2DMP3007 Plejik Hard Times, Change 2008 (CBR 160 kbps)
C2DMP3008 VA-Transmission_EP-C2DMP308-WEB-2008-UKDNB (CBR 320 kbps)
C2DMP3009 Rico & Scoop Armageddon Ep (CBR 320 kbps)
C2DMP3010 VA Secret Society EP 2009 (CBR 320 kbps)
C2DMP3011 VA Breed Of Soldiers EP 2009 (CBR 320 kbps)
C2DMP3012 Eleventh Sun Kill Them EP 2009 (CBR 160 kbps)
C2DMP3013 Maztek Motherboard Burning EP 2009 (CBR 320 kbps)
C2DMP3014 Rico-Future_War-(C2DMP314)-WEB-2010-FHM (CBR 256 kbps)
C2DMP3015 VA Crush, Black Hole (CBR 320 kbps)
C2DMP3016 Eleventh_Sun_-_Adapt_Or_Die-EP-(C2DMP316)-WEB-2010-HQEM (CBR 320 kbps)
C2DMP3019 Krot-Great_Escape_EP-(C2DMP3019)-WEB-2011 (CBR 320 kbps)
C2DMP3020 QO, Grinteck & Zero Sun Invasion EP 2011 (CBR 320 kbps)
C2DMP3021 Int_Company-Ammonia_EP-(C2DMP3021)-WEB-2011 (CBR 320 kbps)
C2DMP3022 Sephiroth Colonise EP 2011 (CBR 320 kbps)
C2DMP3023 Nais-Dead_Head-C2DMP3023_EP-2011 (CBR 320 kbps)
C2DMP3024 VA-Art_Of_War_vs_Train_Wreck-C2DMP3024-WEB-2012 (CBR 320 kbps)
C2DMP3025 Ketz Temple Of Shadows EP 2012 (CBR 320 kbps)
C2DMP3026 Anthrax-Well_Trained_EP-C2DMP3026-WEB-2012 (CBR 320 kbps)
C2DMP3027 Effector-The_Destroyed_Kingdom-C2DMP3027_EP-2012 (CBR 320 kbps)
C2DMP3028 Miditacia-Mad_Planet_EP-(C2DMP3028)-WEB-2012-BPM (CBR 320 kbps)
C2DMP3029 System Error Metal Rage EP 2012 (CBR 320 kbps)
C2DMP3030 VA-Roller_Coaster-C2DMP3030_EP-2012 (CBR 320 kbps)
C2DMP3031 Insom-Lost_Dreams_EP-(C2DMP3031)-WEB-2012-D23 (CBR 320 kbps)
C2DMP3032 Human_Error-Collapse_EP-(C2DMP3032)-WEB-2012-D23 (CBR 320 kbps)
C2DMP3033 Isee_and_Thoran-Control_EP-(C2DMP3033)-WEB-2012-D23 (CBR 320 kbps)
C2DMP3034 Phlex_-_Polloution_EP_(C2DMP3034)-WEB-2012-TR (CBR 320 kbps)
C2DMP3035 Glyph-T.H.C_EP-(C2DMP3035)-WEB-2012-D23 (CBR 320 kbps)
C2DMP3036 Bad_Ace-Libra_EP-(C2DMP3036)-WEB-2012-D23 (CBR 320 kbps)
C2DMP3037 Dv2r-Damn_Where_Am_I_EP-C2DMP3037-WEB-2012 (CBR 320 kbps)
C2DMP3038 Ophlot & Zx Kreis EP 2012 (CBR 320 kbps)
C2DMP3039 Hykario-Growing_Down_vs_Atomix-C2DMP3039-WEB-2012 (CBR 320 kbps)
C2DMP3040 VA-Bloody_Mess-C2DMP3040_EP-2012 (CBR 320 kbps)
C2DMP3041 Tenet-Mayas_Prediction-C2DMP3041-WEB-2012 (CBR 320 kbps)
C2DMP3042 Asphexia-Angry_Toys_EP-C2DMP3042-WEB-2012 (CBR 320 kbps)
C2DMP3043 Inward_Phase-Killa_Frequency_EP-C2DMP3043-WEB-2012 (CBR 320 kbps)
C2DMP3044 Anthrax_-_Moon_Diamonds_EP-(C2DMP3044)-WEB-2013 (CBR 320 kbps)
C2DMP3045 Defazed-Silent_Afflictions_EP-(C2DMP3045)-WEB-2013 (CBR 320 kbps)
C2DMP3048 Freqax-Drop_EP-C2DMP3048-WEB-2013-BPM (CBR 320 kbps)
C2DMP3049 Topspin Apocalypse (CBR 320 kbps)
C2DMP3050 Rusty K Puppet EP (CBR 320 kbps)
C2DMP3051 Killer Industries Jaguar EP (CBR 320 kbps)
C2DMP3052 Kodin You, Me EP (CBR 320 kbps)
C2DMP3053 Int Company Panther Remix EP (C2DMP3053) (CBR 320 kbps)
C2DMP3054 Axiom Still Life EP (CBR 320 kbps)
C2DMP3055 Human Error Until You Die EP (CBR 320 kbps)
C2DMP3056 Juicebox Danger EP (CBR 320 kbps)
C2DMP3057 Symptom 1000 corpses  Exception (CBR 320 kbps)
C2DMP3058 Symptom-Continuum_EP-(C2DMP058)-WEB-2015 (CBR 320 kbps)
C2DMP3059 Camel-Watch_Dogs_EP-(C2DMP3059)-WEB-2015 (CBR 320 kbps)
C2DMP3060 QO-Armored_Core_VIP-C2DMP3060-WEB-2015 (CBR 320 kbps)
C2DMP3061 oneBYone-Warrior_EP-C2DMP3061-WEB-2015 (CBR 320 kbps)
C2DMP3062 WARP_FA2E-Deadman-C2DMP3062-WEB-2015 (CBR 320 kbps)
C2DMP3063 Medio-The_Tick-C2DMP3063-WEB-2015-MKD (CBR 320 kbps)
C2DMP3064 Chaser-Fracture-C2DMP3064-WEB-2015-MKD (CBR 320 kbps)
C2DMP3065 Project 71, Subminderz, Chaser, IMG Wildness  Pressure (CBR 320 kbps)
C2DMP3067 Rusty_K_-_Frozen_Heart__End_War-(C2DMP3067)-WEB-2015-BCG (CBR 320 kbps)
C2DMP3068 2Whales - Control (CBR 320 kbps)
C2DMP3069 Kroks-Divine_Punishment_EP-WEB-2015-PITY (CBR 320 kbps)
C2DMP3070 Sub_Daymon__Subminderz-Sudden-WEB-2015-PITY (CBR 320 kbps)
C2DMP3071 Sub_Daymon-Venomsound_vs_Immortal-C2DMP3071-WEB-2015-MKD (CBR 320 kbps)
C2DMP3072 Anthrax_feat_Kroks-Genesis_EP-WEB-2015-PITY (CBR 320 kbps)
C2DMP3073 Khronos - Overload EP (CBR 320 kbps)
C2DMP3074 Dizkret Over EP-WEB-2015 (CBR 320 kbps)
C2DMP3075 Merikan-Banality_Of_Evil_EP-WEB-2016-LEV (CBR 320 kbps)
C2DMP3076 Future Primitive Syndrom  Two Face (CBR 320 kbps)
C2DMP3077 Subminderz-Enzyme_EP-(C2DMP3077)-WEB-2016-wAx (CBR 320 kbps)
C2DMP3078 Dualscript--Oxygen_EP-(C2DMP3078)-WEB-2016-WUS (CBR 320 kbps)
C2DMP3079 Sub_Daymon-Electro_Eyes_EP-(C2DMP3079)-WEB-2016-WUS (CBR 320 kbps)
C2DMP3080 Space_Journey--Quadrivium_EP-WEB-2016-WUS (CBR 320 kbps)
C2DMP3082 Critical Bang Bipolar  Maverick (CBR 320 kbps)
C2DMP3083 Dizkret-FRCTR_EP-(C2DMP3083)-WEB-FLAC-2016-CB ()
C2DMP3084 VLTRN Insane  Introvert (CBR 320 kbps)
C2DMP3085 Visius-Berynium_EP-C2DMP3085-WEB-2016-MKD (CBR 320 kbps)
C2DMP3086 Subminderz_and_Swooladge-The_Eagle_vs_Excited-C2DMP3086-WEB-2016-MKD (CBR 320 kbps)
C2DMP3087 Critical Bang Poison (CBR 320 kbps)
C2DMP3088 Hollyland-Deep_Breath_vs_Hostile-C2DMP3088-WEB-2016-MKD (CBR 320 kbps)

C2DMPFREE001 Insom Final Decision (Remixes) 2012 (CBR 320 kbps)
C2DEP001 VA-Tunnel_of_Death_EP_Part_One-WEB-2008-XTC (CBR 320 kbps)
C2DEP002 VA-Tunel_Of_Death_EP_Part_2-C2DEP002-Vinyl-2008-MBR (CBR 256 kbps)
C2DLP002 Int_Company-Neuro_Ukraine-WEB-2013-FALCON (CBR 320 kbps)
C2DLP004 Warp_Fa2e_ft_Coppa-No_Fear_LP-(C2DLP04)-WEB-2015-wAx (CBR 320 kbps)

C2DPLP01 Purple Unit No Gravity LP 2009 (CBR 320 kbps)
C2DMP3LP01 VA_-_Blood_Money_LP_Part_1-(C2DMP3LP01)-WEB-2011 (CBR 320 kbps)
C2DMP3LP01P1 Blood Money LP Sampler 2011 (CBR 320 kbps)
C2DMP3LP01P2 VA-Blood_Money_LP_Part_2-C2DMP3LP01P2-WEB-2011 (CBR 320 kbps)

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