Do we need new features?


Last time we were stable and solid website.
Do we need new features now? Or we have enough?
If yes, write in comments what features we missing (search, browsing, viewing, etc)
Features mean not filehosting changes and should be realistic of course.

Comments ( 15 )
Atm I see no way to search for e.g. all industrial releases in lossless - flac and wav and ape and whatever is available on 1gabba - quality. Currently it is possible to search for industrial stuff or lossless stuff. I hope that was not an unrealistic suggestion. cheers and keep it up!
I would like to see a better search system. When I have to search now I have to type Lose_My_Mind for example. I would like to just be able to type lose my mind (no cases or _'s) Thanks for the awesome website!
corrected search system, now you can use spaces in search, letter case as before doesn't matter
I would like to see a hardtrance category, and particularly some hard trance label collections. it is often so much harder to find than hardstyle / hardcore. I doubt you will ever add one but doesn't hurt to suggest :)
check, there is (Hard) Trance. Atleast a bit, but hard to get label collections but you can ask
Yeah I did look there thanks but it's listed as a low priority genre. Maybe I could make a request or two still
you're right, adding trance/hardtrance, etc is impossible. maybe sometime in the other place.
Searching does work. Instead of using spaces, replace them with underscores. Ez as 3.14159265359.
We need more porn ads. Also, could you guys add some nice exploits so you guys can hijack our cable modems to a part of a bot network?
you can use for all this stuff...
admin wrote:
you can use for all this stuff...
Are you saying that hosts porn ads and exploits targeting home customer network devices?
sometimes, with their "download manager",
search by series. than new users can discover cds they didnt know existed
wish they would actually put new features lol
Personally, I'd like to see more categories added including possibly maybe a sample pack area too.

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