Oct 2013
292 mb
CDHappy Hardcore
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ARTiST      : Scooter
TiTLE       : 20 Years of Hardcore
GENRE       : Techno
LABEL       : n/a
RiPDATE     : Oct-10-2013
STOREDATE   : Oct-11-2013
ENCODER     : LAME 3.98.4 V0: preset extreme
QUALiTY     : VBRkbps - 44,1Hz - Joint-Stereo
SiZE/LENGTH : 292,3 MB/ 160:08 min


[#]  [Name]                                                                                   [Time]


01   Nessaja                                                                                  03:30
02   How Much is the Fish                                                                     03:48
03   Army of Hardcore                                                                         02:59
04   Move Your Ass!                                                                           03:57
05   Maria (I Like it Loud)                                                                   03:44
06   Weekend!                                                                                 03:38
07   The Question is What is the Question                                                     03:48
08   Friends                                                                                  03:50
09   The Only One                                                                             03:34
10   Hyper Hyper                                                                              03:34
11   J'adore Hardcore                                                                         03:50
12   4 Am                                                                                     03:20
13   I'm Lonely                                                                               03:33
14   One (Always Hardcore)                                                                    03:52
15   The Logical Song                                                                         03:56
16   Ti Sento                                                                                 03:57
17   Faster Harder Scooter                                                                    03:49
18   Posse (I Need You on the Floor)                                                          03:53
19   Jigga Jigga!                                                                             03:55
20   Jump that Rock (Whatever You Want)                                                       03:24
21   Endless Summer                                                                           03:47
22   Maria (I Like it Loud) (R.I.O. Radio Mix)                                                03:20


01   Fire                                                                                     03:33
02   Call Me Maana                                                                           03:42
03   Fuck the Millennium                                                                      04:13
04   The Night                                                                                03:25
05   Jumping All Over the World                                                               03:48
06   Aiii Shot the DJ                                                                         03:32
07   I'm Raving                                                                               03:38
08   Shake That!                                                                              03:19
09   David Doesn't Eat                                                                        03:39
10   Behind the Cow                                                                           03:37
11   Break it Up                                                                              03:40
12   The Age of Love                                                                          03:52
13   Back in the U.K.                                                                         03:26
14   No Fate                                                                                  03:43
15   Apache Rocks the Bottom!                                                                 03:47
16   The Sound Above My Hair                                                                  03:37
17   C'est Bleu                                                                               03:13
18   We Are the Greatest                                                                      03:29
19   Hello! (Good to Be Back)                                                                 03:31
20   Rebel Yell                                                                               03:43
21   Stuck on Replay                                                                          03:11
22   And No Matches                                                                           03:32

TRACKS: 44                                                                        TOTAL TiME:160:08


Anlsslich des 2013 zu feiernden 20-jhrigen Band-Jubilums
legt die Band mit 20 Years Of Hardcore ein Best Of-Album vor,
das 44 ihrer besten und erfolgreichsten Hits auf Doppel-CD vereint.

Angefangen mit der Platin-Debutsingle Hyper, Hyper ber Welthits
wie One (Always Hardcore), Maria (I Like It Loud),
How Much Is The Fish?, dem Nr.1-Hit Nessaja bis zur letzten
Single Army Of Hardcore bietet diese Doppel-CD erstmalig einen
fantastischen berblick ber die einzigartige Karriere der Ausnahmeband.
Als Bonustrack gibt es einen brandneuen Remix des Scooter-Hits
Maria (I Like It Loud) von dem deutschen Erfolgsproduzentenduo
Manuel Manian Reuter und Yann Yanou Peifer alias R.I.O.

Scooters Alben erreichten allesamt hohe Chartplatzierungen.
Smtliche bisher verffentlichten Singles schafften den Sprung
in die Charts, 23 Singles sogar die Top Ten, viele davon wurden
mit Gold oder Platin ausgezeichnet. Dies macht Scooter zur
erfolgreichsten deutschen Band seit Einfhrung der Chartermittlung.

Diese Best Of-Zusammenstellung ist durch die digital remasterten
Tracks und die Zusammenstellung durch die Band ein beeindruckendes
Dokument aus zwei Dekaden Scooter-Musikgeschichte.

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Comments ( 44 )



wtf is this shit?
doesn't worth to be uploaded...


20 Years of Bullshit


some of their music is ok if the MC would just shut the **** up




HAHAHA, I'm just here for the comments guy!! cme'on DROP THE SHIT


I just read the title and say : lol


some of you must have a boring collection of music if all of it is Raw and Terror, try going to raves or clubs and experience something different, you might be surprised, not saying I listen to Scooter, but I have done, anyone that has listened to Hard Dance would of listened to them once or twice and actually dance at a party, but then again most on here seem to be children who haven't even started to shave the fluff from their upper lip.


cool story bro


+ 3


ja ne is kla... "...erstmalig einen
fantastischen berblick ber die einzigartige Karriere der Ausnahmeband". wasn des fürn Rotz einen fantastischen überblick wieviel scheiße die Ausnahmeband gemacht hat... gut die ersten beiden alben waren ja supi eben 90er Techno aba dann nur noch rotze und geklautes... und das neuste Ding mit "Army of hardcore" gehört verboten verbrannt und weggesperrt. So billig so ein Klassiker verrammeln geht echt absolut nicht wie die an die Rechte gekomm sind frag ich mich... Wers hören will und wem es gefällt bitte kauft euch die scheiben aber ich finde das hat hier nix verloren.


Ich glaube nicht lesen oder sprechen Deutsch.

Can't tell if that was a positive or negative post after trying to translate.


It's a negative post.
In short: Some of their first albums were good, but nowadays, they make shit, and steal sounds. For example their last release, "Army of Hardcore", which is a shame, a dishonor of a classic track.

I have the same opinion, I used to like some of their tracks, but they're getting worse and worse... AND they've nothing to do with HC! Rather HandsUp, or at most HappyHC...

Greetings from Hungary




thx...i like scooter :]


my german is not that good...

I think he's trying to say the first 90's albums were good, but that sh!t like the Army of hardcore-remake should be forbidden


I liked their first two albums, they were (Happy) Hardcore tracks but after that they went into a different direction which is fine, but don't call it Hardcore. Hardcore isn't a badge you earned at a camp 20 years ago, and pull out every 5 years to show people you were Hardcore. Fuck outta here.


Oh come on! I know most of these tracks (if not all of them) are rip offs, but sometime it's nice listen to commercial bullshit. ;P Anyway there is one particular track that I like - it's "Sunrise (Here I Am)" by Ratty (other alias for Scooter) from year 2000 This track was covered/ripped off (name it by yourself ;P) by Matt Davey this year ;)And there's no bullshit MC in it! ;D


BTW check these vids. Here are tracks ripped by Scooter. ;P


everybody rips tracks, why bring it up with Scooter, about 50% of HHZ is ripped but who cares, there is only so much music you can make without it sounding the same eventually


''everybody rips tracks'' If you're talking about sampling yes that's true but straight up ripping tracks that's bullshit only fags like Scooter do this and who cares about HHZ?


most Hardstyle artists rips tracks and call them their own, end of story


Most? Haha.


yeh most, did I stutter ?

they have been ripping off Trance & Hard Trance since Day 1, know your music and you might know this fool


Maybe you did stutter I dunno, retards have a habbit of stuttering so it's a big possibility. The only thing you're trying to do is defending Scooters stealing everything and meanwhile talking bullshit, fool.


I did not say I am defending him you little faggot I said most DJ's rip from other music, can you not read moron ?




Come on, we all loved Scooter at 2000's


Sad Story: cut a long story short, I was pretty smashed getting ready to go out one night years ago, anyway I had this hard dance CD on (Nick Skitz), earphones on (remember I am smashed, drunk, stoned), I was a manager of a backpackers then, I was listening to it and started to sing Jigga Jigga (hangs head in shame), I look up and my mate was standing there with 3 hot girls from Europe, my most embarrassing Scooter moment


It's nice to be important but it's more important to be nice


20 jahre nur Bullenscheiße und müll!!
20 Years of Bullshit and crap!!!


We don´t, we don´t


WTF °°


seeing this made me laugh..




this post gave me cancer


i dont understand why there is so muuch hate, i love scooter, he's so talented, he has a great voice, this is real hardcore


Because you call "talent" some d-i-c-khead that steals lyrics from famous gabber/hardcore anthems like "Always Hardcore" from Neophyte, and sings it into some happy trance-ish tracks you dare calling "real hardcore" ? F-U-C-K YOU!


Yea scooter is the best dj in hardcore cuz he is the most famous, and that speak for itself


Thnx m8s now I know we are GOOOOOD, appreciate the luv <3


loving the advertisements, any talk of Scooter means I become more famous, How Much Is The Gabba?


Too much for you


waaaauw what a release, this is real hardcore!


holy f*** where do you guys come from. one guy saying all hardstyle came from trance lol another guy sayin, scooter took a neophyte track and made it happy and trancey lol as if neophytes melodys are not trancey enough scooter made it even trancier haha deluded noobs and as for the guy sayin we all must have boring music collections full of terror and raw.. haha yes now i do have a boring music collection but at least it is listenable to me lolz

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