What about new design ?


After 5 years of static and unchanged design, I decided to change it.

Now you all see what was changed - everything....

I also added some features:
- voting system
- polls
- reuploads
- special collections
- submitting exclusive releases by anonymous visitors

56% (1027 votes)
33% (606 votes)
I don't care
10% (190 votes)
Total votes: 1823

Comments ( 41 )
I like! Member registration to be added? I hate CAPTCHA :-) Keep up the good work!
voting system is fine, quite natural idea, but member accounts can do voting more valuable - consider any database, movie or music, on net. members of such sites are usually interested in opinions and recomendations as well as ratings of their friends or some so called subscribed channels. and it makes sense, not? ..anonymous ratings will make here just useless mess. anyway, thanks for great job :)
I have some new idea for the new website, check please: http://i46.tinypic.com/2eft4eh.jpg
anonymous wrote:
I have some new idea for the new website, check please: http://i46.tinypic.com/2eft4eh.jpg
Good idea, but maybe just put the date which is below the name on the spot you're pointing at? :D
+1, enlarge the main releases section so we can see the entire title, and the new design will be great.
I now understand why you deleted my comments about the daycounter... I was right : you were planning an update of the website ! :D
Height of a release is way to high, the page has become way too long this way and totally lost the easy-to-use overview.
it seems to be much faster than the old design. after all these years, it will take a few days, but I usually used only the mainpage and eventually browsed through the last 1-3 days. I'm not interested in the voting system because of all the haters on 1gabba - votings here won't be representative and therefore useless. polls are a nice idea and an interesting little feature. I'm SO glad the countdown didn't mean the closing of 1gabba^^ PS: everybody here writes as Anon, you can't chose a name
It's faster than the older version. I'm using shitty pc and I can make a difference. That's good. It's a bit strange cause it's new. That's normal. I'll get use to it. I like the genres/format section. Overall - i like it.
wow clean design. me like
comment always anonymouse now?
Thanks for your replies, I already corrected anonymous comments in Poll section and order of sorting I will read every opinion, and will make corresponding corrections in design.
I think it won't give you such a good overview as the old design, since you don't see that many tracks at once
Are the comment timestamps gone?
Please return static info about kbps. NOW we need to point mouse over one of the topics at main page to see how much kbps the release is. With OLD design we didn't need to do that. And it was far more convenient I must admit! Thanks, otherwise I like it. The fact is most of us, humans, don't like new things, especially changes in something we are used to. Later we get used to it too, but first impression is usually 'why did they do that, I don't like it'. But you've already got more people on 'like' than 'dislike' so you're heading towards right direction :) Cheers, HC4L
I like the overall design, but the font used in release titles is not that great. The site does look better now!
I don't like this design
already corrected topmenu behavior and made visible bitrate and size at main page. working on wider RLS titles...
Like the design, very stylish. What I don't like is that there's fewer releases on one page, since every release takes up more space (3x as large as before) and its harder to scroll through releases. Is there an option to insert a pull down menu or hover over for more details?
I don't like that I cannot see the label code, when the artist name and track title are long. It is a main thing I use for my orientation. (But I like the fact, that you try to pimp the side up and take care of it ;) )
Congratz to the new design! Imo it's ok. The colours are sometimes not so easy to read. E.g. the label name under a release is in really light grey. Not the greatest colour on a white back ground. Not sure if it is so necessary but one can add "DVD", "Blu-ray" or just "Video" to the Source section too. However, the main point for that comment is still the search function. One still have to type "Dutch_Master" instead of "Dutch Master" to find all releases by Dutch Master. The normal notation would be very comfortable in a search field. Although, keep it up!
This design is definitely an improvement. There's always people who immediately say Dislike, but that's mainly because of the act that it is new. Good job!
A little too much whitespace around each release, but if tags and ratings were bumped up to the same row as the date, number of comments and archive info . . .
white background is to bright at night for your eye's. maybe a black background with white letters? or maybe two choices in backgroundcolor ,black or white option? white is too bright :(
it can be great if we can see releases' pre'd times.. can u add this function?
anonymous wrote:
it can be great if we can see releases' pre'd times.. can u add this function?
i dont think its possible now, we haven't automated posting system, and where will we take pre'd time?
today I made width of release titles and main region wider, and added highlighting of RLS CATNUMBERS
It gets better and better :). Good work.
Date and Time by comments? Tue, 2013-03-26 17:36
Why are release titles in all caps? See 1gabba.org/node/15143 It looks awful and needs to be fixed.
1 suggestion - clicking on a release automatically scrolls to the bottom of the page. It should stay on top imho. I.E. https://1gabba.org/node/15137 edit: I just tried in firefox and it's working normally, so maybe it's up to chrome or one of the extensions. Anyone else have this issue too?
i like it!!!
lossless and video is not necessary in navigation ,its better under source button. Thats all ;)
Fucking zoom in and maybe then you see scrollbar and release name in full. Verrekte mongol!

i see scrollbar everywhere, open your eyes:
FireFox: http://prntscr.com/yw9y8
Chrome: http://pbrd.co/12b4Ii2
If you use IE, then delete it, and install normal browser. It's 2013 year now.

http://oi50.tinypic.com/16c56if.jpg - Chrome v.26 So what now?
Okay, my bad! the site works fine with firefox, I have only problem only with chrome. Reinstall that and the problem still here, I dont know whats wrong. Maybe I use ff then here

I checked website in high resolutions (1680x1050), and proved that it has hidden scrollbar.
- scrollbar now visible in high resolutions
- made site bit more responsive, width of some main elements (rls title, right sidebar, main content block width) now depands on screen resolution, now its not such slim like before.
- corrected pager next/last position in higher screen resolutions

very nice man! now i can enjoy 1gabba with hd display! thanks! ;)
yooo wrote:
very nice man! now i can enjoy 1gabba with hd display! thanks! ;)
good, but there are still may exist some issues on high resolutions, because i tested website hardly at 1280x1024 and only a little at 1680x1050
Okay, NOW everything works correctly. And I was the stupid, the homo, the retard... LOL, sometimes I dont understand the people...

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