Dec 2012
28 mb
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ARTIST..[ angerfist & miss k8
TITLE...[ divide & conquer
GENRE...[ hardcore
LABEL...[ Masters Of Hardcore
TRACKS..[ 03
LENGTH..[ 15:55 min
SIZE....[ 28,1 MB
QUALITY.[ VBRkbps / 44,1kHz / joint-stereo
DATE....[ dec-13-2012

WAV -> MP3 :P

HB is going undergorund be prepared... fuck p2p !
respect Purity

Like ?? = Buy !!

NR. TRACKNAME                                             TIME
01  angerfist & miss k8 - santiago                        04:36
02  angerfist - the desecrated                            06:17
03  miss k8 - liquid8                                     05:02

                                               TOTAL[ 15:55 min
                                               SIZE.[  28,1 mb

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Comments ( 29 )

haha vbr...


undergorund _o_


Angerfist is far from underground.


read nfomistake dude -_-


Yeah fuktard you right, he sounds like Beyoncé.


I sound like Beyonce? Haha I wish! I could be making millions!


I still dont get why these guys release in VBR and no im not complaining I just dont get it.


And you are far from reality:) lol... genre is HARDCORE.. HB releasing group is going to undeground. There is big chance that leek will stop in 2013 :-)


You stupid fucks don't get it ? HB is going to do the same as group PURiTY. They went underground in the scene and you cannot find 1 release of them on p2p. They totally forbid to trade their releases.

HB is doing the same if i understand this nfo correct. So that means NO MORE hardstyle releases on the public Internet. So you guys make fun about it..... let us pray they wont follow purity


ow and SRG cannot release the hardstyle either because underground or not the releases are valid in scene and in pre-db so you cannot proper them. Worst Case Scenario ....


they can still do internal releases :)


If the releases couldn't be shared, why would they exist? Sharing is the one and only reason to make warez releases isn't it?


scene releases are 'officially' for scene only..


So where is this "scene" they're officially for?


Oh I see, so they would only share their releases with other release groups?


was about freaking time...


i can't blame HB. They buy the music to see it get leaked, to get hate comments from morrons. So i guess WE are all to blame for this bye bye free releases


You are far from the truth... HB and BPM takes lot of releases from P2P and shares them as scene releases! If you are corebay member you know it.


well thats true, thats also obvious on trance releases from tranceroute (puresound) ... as soon as new (p2p) single is 100% seeded, PURITY releases it few minutes afterwards


@duh, hb really dont like you or me, END OF STORY! So hate you like the jew hates you.
@What? If your right then hb deserve NO respect.


Well now we're all fucked..


best tracks from mainstream.


So i tried to follow the conversation above me, but i still can't figure out what all of this means...
Could someone be kind enough to explain what is going to happen and what that means for us?


HB goes underground..

releases will no longer be leaked..
don't know exactly when it starts, but it will be soon..


HB can f**k off and die. I understand we may be used to 0-day stuff but get over it. There will still be loads of new releases to listen to, so just stop this crying, WHAA, WHAAA, WHAAAAAAA!!!! Grow up!!!

I expect lots of slagging off now, so bring it on :) Besides why dont all you non-sceners who share your music here get together and make your own crew, ie '1GABBA'. and F**K hb.


most of those nonscene releases are from corebay, rutracker and lossless-music


How is it in the Undergorund ?


Truth about purity ... as I stated in a comment above

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