Zany - Planet Zany (Free Album) WEB 2012

Oct 2012
320 kbps
non scener
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Zany - Planet Zany - Free Album

GENRE:..........: Hardstyle
YEAR:...........: 2012
AUDiO:..........: 320kbps MP3
CHANNELS:.......: 2
LENGTH:.........: 52mn 27s

01. Zany - World Belongs To You
02. Zany - Destiny
03. Zany - Underwater
04. Zany & DV8 - Break Away (Toneshifterz Remix)
05. Zany - Silence of Darkness
06. Zany - Nightmare Into Reality
07. Zany & Toneshifterz feat. Rachel Kramer - Rebourne
08. Zany - Sadness
09. Zany - Dance!
10. Zany & Code Black feat. DV8 Rocks! - Survive.mp3
11. Zany - Black Sun.mp3
12. Zany - Avior
13. Zany - Life
14. Zany - My Beat
15. Zany & B-Front - Victims of the Same World
16. ZazaFront - Dikke Vette Bassplaat

You've downloaded "Planet Zany" for free!
This means you skipped the opportunity to donate and enter the "Planet Zany" competition.
You also didn't choose to fight for the good by supporting Dance4Life and Stichting Tinkerbel! ( &
If you feel you missed out, simply go to to experience the full "Planet Zany" Package!

The "Planet Zany" package contains lots of extra's and gives you the complete experience of Zany's brand new masterpiece!

The full package holds the following elements:

* All extended versions of "Planet Zany" in 320kbps MP3 quality
* The "Planet Zany" Album file
* All "Planet Zany" Artwork
* "Planet Zany" Wallpapers
* 20% discount on any amount spent on
* Peace of mind by supporting dance4life and Stichting Tinkerbel
* Participation in the very special "Planet Zany" competition

During the "Planet Zany" competition several prizewinners will actually enter the world of Zany himself!
Take part and you might join Zany to a gig, compete against the Fusion crew in an afternoon of go-kart madness or sit next to the Donkey Rollers on a plane to a foreign destination!
These are just a few examples out of a wide range of cool prizes and experiences you will never forget!

Please take notice that the "Planet Zany" competition will end on the 31th of december 2012.
Everyone who donated before the end of this year still has a chance to win!

Go to to participate!!

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Comments ( 16 )

for free you get a radio edits tracks



awesome stuff, the best album of this year


Will the full tracks be uploaded too?


ZazaFront - Dikke Vette Bassplaat :D:D:D:D


Who realy creates music for this guy??


pitcher or noisecontrollers??


Raoul van Grinsven, google for him
and also, Elie Abwi helped him with that album


Tnx, but I don't believe it.
Because the pitcher creates music for donkey rollers, 4example.


yes, Pollen (aka the man behind The Pitcher, and basically all Fusion artists) did help alot to almost every Fusion artist. He produces for DR with Zany (well, DR is The Pitcher & Zany, duh), he used to produce for Dozer and Pavo. And he also helped Zany on some of his tracks, but this album is produced by Zany and Elie from Toneshifterz, it is clearly stated on the booklet, you get when you download the full version.


thnx, man...
i needed your answer. sorry 4myenglish)) traslate it: "убедил"


No, he is not the man behind every Fusion artist (lol, I wonder how you came up with this).

He is part of the donkey rollers together with Jowan and Raoul. He does often help produce with Zany, and since nu-style he has been helping Zany more than I wish for.
But the pitcher barely works with other people other than Zany, he did a few collabs with NC afaik but that was rather exceptional because he said in an interview that he exclusively likes to work with Zany because they share their ideas so well together (or something along those lines). Could be that he has changed and does more collabs with other producers, but he is not the man behind every fusion producer :P that's something you made up.


File does not exist on this server




Can you PLEASE reupload it threw zippy or anywere?


Meennnn,, It's free on =_=
So it doesn't need to be re-up..

Just download it from his site and problem solved

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