Jan 2012
320 kbps
158 mb
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ARTIST..[ radical redemption
TITLE...[ annihilate
GENRE...[ techno
LABEL...[ Minus Is More
CAT NR..[ n/a
TRACKS..[ 13
LENGTH..[ 69:08 min
SIZE....[ 158,5 MB
QUALITY.[ 320kbps / 44,1kHz / joint-stereo
DATE....[ jan-28-2012
URL.....[ www.hardstyle.com

Major fuck up by hardstyle.com !! Shame on you destroying
a new artist his big introduction to the public.

This is what happened: Hardstyle.com released this album not
only way too early (released 27-01, album release date is 28-01).
But initial release also missed one track !

So major webshop fuck-up, when they discovered their fault they
removed the album from their site. We had allready bought it by then
and didnt knew hardstyle.com fucked up.

Until we heard the news today. So here's the REPACK with the official
13 tracks !!
Like ?? = Buy !!

NR. TRACKNAME                                            TIME
01  radical redemption - you don't know shit (original mi 06:56
02  radical redemption - horror and crime (original mix)  05:24
03  radical redemption - the worst nightmare (original mi 04:54
04  radical redemption & crypsis - darkness is calling (o 04:47
05  radical redemption - sharpen the scalpel (original mi 04:13
06  radical redemption & chain reaction - helpless (origi 05:18
07  radical redemption - annihilate (original mix)        05:22
08  radical redemption - redemption (original mix)        06:01
09  radical redemption & crypsis ft. mc tha watcher - unl 04:19
10  radical redemption - the black demon (original mix)  05:21
11  radical redemption - brutal 2.0 (original mix)        05:31
12  radical redemption - torture, murder and cannibalism  05:02
13  crypsis - the 6th pathway (radical redemption remix)  06:00

                                              TOTAL[ 69:08 min
                                              SIZE.[ 158,5 mb

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Comments ( 16 )

Thanxxxxxxxxx HB _O_ for the repack !!


make it H0T HOT H0T


harhar shitty album, plus the gay video he used to promoto is is sheit aswell


Shitty album, and shitty video to promote his album


Sounds like crypsis but amature sound is really bad when bass comes in >_>


Read the nfo! He's a new artist! Give the chap a fucking break! You moaning cunts should be ashamed of your silly dickhead comments.


Only because he's assigned to crypsis you guys think he's awesome. I hear many new artists with the same problem of the quality, with even better music style, but then you guys cry about the quality too. So dont go hatin'


better music style ?
are you serious ? you judge someone by his tastes ?


Are you freaking me? Radical Redemption is better then the whole Scantraxx artits. Pretty good album. Could anyone upload the 6th Pathway remix ?


HB simply the best _O_


OMG what a kickass release, dont understand what everyone is complaining...
i'm a big fan of this kinda hardstyle, the gay-ass tunes (as featured in most hardstyle these days) are quite well compensated by the great basslines.
9/13 tracks are good, good hit rate for a new artist i'd say
keep it up!


Nice comment :) You must be an adult :) Unlike most of the dicks who post negative comments here.


hehe yeah i consider myself to be one :P


an adult, not a dick, that is ;)


You are one of the good guys who visit 1gabba :)Live long and prosper :) And for the TRUE cocks that come here EAT MORE MSG! LOL :)


Anyone that is hatin' about this album should visit a party where this artist perfoms. When u hear this guys spinning some records it sounds like a earthquake.

got a free copy of this cd last saturday @ XXlerator raw :)

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