Weekly Hardstyle Packs 2011


We have been thinking about this for some time now, and it came to our prior notice that there are a lot of people out there
that check for the latest releases only once (or less) a week and that they HATE to download every release seperately.

Now our idea is simple and as follows:
Every Sunday (end of the week) at 00:00 (GMT+01) we release a hardstyle pack of the past week, it will contain every
newly released hardstyle releases from Monday till Sunday 00:00 of that past week.

The releasename of the pack will be as follows, depending on the week number:

Week 43: (Monday 24-11-2011 -- Sunday 30-11-2011)

Week 44: (Monday 31-10-2011 -- Sunday 06-11-2011)

Week 45: (Monday 07-11-2011 -- Sunday 13-11-2011)

Week 46: (Monday 14-11-2011 -- Sunday 20-11-2011)

Hardstyle monthly releases here: https://1gabba.pw/node/7636

80% (586 votes)
20% (142 votes)
Total votes: 728

Comments ( 54 )

Of each generator would be Excellent, but would also be nice that separate web albums from vinyls, Since compilations are repeated in some releases of the week...

please zippyshare is maximum 200 MB,to many links to download a big pack... I suggest http://www.multiupload.com/ and choose all six following services to upload the file's
I mean choose all NINE following services to upload the file's
It's a great idea, in this way we can choose according to our preferit songs..... THANKSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

Sorry all the comments got reset. You can vote for yourself now, please show us your support one more time! :)
But like I said in the previous topic:
1) We will most likely be using FAST and FREE filehosts like MultiUpload and ZippyShare.
2) These packs are just an extra, so the normal daily releases will still get posted.
3) If there's someone who wants to upload our weekly packs to a PUBLIC tracker (like PirateBay.org)
feel free to do so and share the torrent link in the comments.

i download the daily posts everyday but i know a couple of people who would be realy realy happy with this. now they copy the music via USB and i have to put it on there everyweek :P so it will make it easier for me to :)
Yes Please! That would be Awesome! Do I hear Zippy? Alright! I am in. Especially now I study in a city and come home sometimes in the weekend. That is where I can listen with my subwoofer. I am too bussy to download everything everyday, I miss a lot. I love the hardste world and I want to stay in touch with it. You should introduce this pack! Later on you can still remove it if it appears to suck anway;)
If we'll keep both releases and the weekly releas pack it would be awesome! :)
Definitely yes! I would love to see this :)
The only thing I'm hesitating about, is what if I don't want all the releases in the pack. Just certain ones?
Nevermind. Ha. I read Sinapse's post. I am in favor. :)

UPDATE #1: (28-10-2011 @ 09:59 (GMT+01))
We will be using the following filehosts:
1. MultiUpload - all hosts enabled.
2. MirrorCreator - all hosts enabled.
3. ZippyShare - in parts.

All the crap releases included?
use megaupload too as the files stay online forever and a day
Great Idea but use Mega or Zippy =)
Please, change the upload server, FILESONIC and FILESERVE SUCKSSSS
por lo regular lo que la gente busca son hot releases... asi que lo mejor seria es hacer "pack hot releases semanal"
usually what people are looking for hot releases ... so it would be best is to make "hot pack releases weekly"
hmmmmm, my internet is slow cuz of my area, would so suck if i had to DL huge packs at once since net cuts off frequently & not able to resume from where ended. but if its for the masses, i guess it would make sense
Good Idea, then single releases are still post... i think and the weekley post... should be for hot, then if someone wants to download a not hot release... he could download as a normal... please, another filehoster, like zippyshare or megaupload... they are better than , ul, filesonic, fileserve, xl ...

Yep we'll be using hosts like MultiUpload, MirrorCreator and ZippyShare. So plenty to choose from! :) And the weekly packs will include EVERYTHING, because what we find HOT might be shit for other people. ;)

but then add torrent links so you can choose what you want
awsome idea, but please make a complete post then so you download everything at once. and the songs u don't want u can just delete afterwards :)
Awesome idea :) Would be nice if this could spread to the mainstream hardcore aswell!? :)
could you do the same with hardcore?
If torrent, yes...if its filesonic packs...no...
Can you Upload the packs on mirrorĀ“s Netload,Rapidshare and hotfile are very nice. when make mirrorĀ“s yes. only filesonic and/or wupload no.
only if it's torrents/zippyshare, otherwise, i'm out.
i say yes considering there available to download as torrents.
it would save me a lot of time! So yes, pleaseeeeeeeeeee
Could you make the same with hardcore? WOULD BE AWESOME (not only for me) ;-) Continue this awesome work!!!
When 47 week?
And Where's week 47?
well, that was a short service
that was a short service
that was a short service
that was a short service
that was a short service
that was a short service
that was a short service
that was a short service
that was a short service
that was a short service
Hi guys, the next pack will come within 2 days. I have been away. Sorry for the delay :p
so what?:)
so what? :)
Long 2 days :S
Guess this is done for....
Next package? :(
Where's the next package ?
Is it possible to upload also Jumpstyle/Hardcore weekly packs? It would be also sooooo comfortable for many people. Thank you.
This thing is finished.
Hi guys, sorry that I have stopped with these packs. I just don't have the time right now. Again, sorry.

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